The reunion of the “Friends” will take place. HBO Confirms May Special Release

The entire original composition is in place, but the format of the release will not be quite familiar.

Frame from the screensaver “Friends”

The original cast of Friends is reunited in a new special episode that will be released in May 2020. Regular rumors about this appeared back in 2019, but WarnerMedia (which owns HBO) officially confirmed this just now.

Details of the special episode are unknown except that it will be a non-scripted issue. Mashable emphasized that one should not expect a full-fledged new series, but a conversation show with the actors.

The release of a new series of “Friends” will coincide with the start of the HBO Max streaming service. Then all the other 236 episodes (10 seasons) will appear in the online cinema.

The company has confirmed that all six major actors will participate in the filming: Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt Leblanc (Joey), David Schwimmer (Ross) and Matthew Perry (Chandler).

Each of these six will receive at least $ 2.5 million, Variety reported, citing sources. At the time of the official announcement, the actors posted on their Instagram photos in honor of the reunion.

The last few years, Friends have been exclusively available on Netflix, where the series has steadily become one of the most popular shows. Since the beginning of 2020, US subscribers have been unable to watch Friends on Netflix or elsewhere: they will have to wait for HBO Max to launch. In Russia, Friends are still available on Netflix.

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