The streaming service HBO Max with a subscription for $ 15 will start in 2020. There will be a prequel “Game of Thrones”

And all seasons of Friends, South Park and The Big Bang Theory will also be available.

On October 29, WarnerMedia presented the HBO Max online cinema at a presentation . The service will be launched in the United States in May 2020 with a subscription for $ 15 per month (975 rubles).

WarnerMedia will launch the project in conjunction with AT&T. Subscribers of the current HBO Now service and users of AT&T premium packages will get free access to HBO Max. In 2021, they plan to launch the service in Latin America and Europe.

Unlike Netflix, HBO Max will rely not only on algorithms, but also on people-supervised lists. Celebrities will receive their pages where they can offer users recommendations in the format of stories.

Using the “Highlight” function, the creators of the service want to solve the problem of a long choice of a movie or a series – users spend eight minutes each time only to view options. Highlight will offer specific content based on subscriber preferences.

The creators of the service also claim to have solved the problem of personal recommendations in joint accounts. HBO Max will only consider individual recommendations. Podcasts will also appear in the online cinema.

At launch, HBO Max will have about 10 thousand hours of content; by 2020, 31 original series will appear. We collected the main projects that will be presented in the service library:

  • The prequel to “Game of Thrones” – “Dragon House”, based on the book “Flame and Blood” by George R.R. Martina. He will tell about the ancestors of Daenerys, the Targaryen dynasty. The series will unfold 300 years before the original show. The studio ordered ten episodes;
  • The series about the Green Lantern and the anthology “Strange Adventures” with small stories about the characters of the DC universe from Greg Berlanti (“Titans”);
  • The series “Dune: Sisterhood”, based on the novel by Brian Herbert “Order of the Sisters of Dune”;
  • The series “Americanah” is about a girl from Nigeria who falls in love with a classmate. Starring – Lupita Niongo and Danai Gurira;
  • The sequel to the series “Gossip Girl”;
  • Three new projects from Ellen Degeneres;
  • Four sentries in a hurry of “Adventure Time”;
  • Ridley Scott’s science fiction series “Raised by Wolves”;
  • Several comedy series featuring Elizabeth Banks, Mindy Kaling and Issa Ray;
  • All seasons of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, West Wing, Rick and Morty, Pretty Little Liars, Prince of Beverly Hills, and Sesame Street;
  • CW Series, including Batwomen and Katie Keen – Riverdale spin-offs;
  • The BBC Show, including Doctor Who, Luther, Top Gear, and the British Office;
  • 1800 films, including DC projects, including The Joker, cartoons by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, as well as all the films of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises.
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