The UK has completely banned 5G from Huawei. The equipment will be disposed of for seven years

UK authorities have announced a complete ban on the use of equipment for 5G networks from Huawei. By 2027, it should disappear from the infrastructures of local operators and companies. The country’s decision, made after the release of the report of the Center for National Computer Security of Great Britain, will cost about $ 2.5 billion. Ban will come into force after December 31, 2020.

At the beginning of this year, The Verge recalls , the country’s authorities took a different decision, allowing the use of equipment for 5G networks manufactured by a Chinese company, but with certain limitations. In particular, Huawei was banned from occupying a market share of more than 35%, and the company’s solutions could not be used in key segments of the infrastructure. The new solution introduces a total ban.

Local regulators understand that this step will significantly slow down the development of 5G in the UK.

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Huawei spokesman Edward Brewster commented on the ban:

– This disappointing decision is sad news for any mobile phone user in the UK and threatens to lead Britain to a slowdown in digital development, an increase in the cost of services and the risk of a digital divide. Instead of a recovery, the government expects a slowdown, and we urge representatives to reconsider their position. We remain confident that the new restrictions on the part of the United States would not affect the sustainability and safety of the products we supply to the UK. Unfortunately, our future in the UK has become politicized, it is about US trade policy, not security. For more than 20 years, Huawei has focused on creating an interconnected UK. As a responsible company, we will continue to support our customers, as always. We will conduct a detailed review of what today this statement means for our business. We will continue to work with the UK government and try to explain how useful we will be in improving communications in the country.


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