The virtual webcam model Melody bypasses the real ones in popularity. Those are unhappy with the 3D rival

Where the trend for digital models has gone: Melody in a couple of weeks has become a star on social networks and on Chaturbate with thousands of fans, memes and artworks.

Virtual webcam model Melody Photo @DigitrevX

In mid-February, the virtual character ProjektMelody, who is called the world’s first virtual webcam model and “artificial intelligence”, gained popularity in social networks. The anime heroine quickly reached the top on the Chaturbate streaming online site for webcam models, gathered a devoted community of fans around her, and also spawned memes and fan art.

Behind Melody stands a real person who generates her movements in real time. However, real webcam models are not happy with such competition and believe that it should leave the platform.

“Artificial Intelligence, obsessed with porn”

The @ProjektMelody account was registered on Twitter in July 2019. He is being led on behalf of “artificial intelligence” by Melody, who at first was “trained” to speak and watch anime, and also recognized “earthly customs”.

I create an AI index

Run melody.exe

I’m awesome

Soon Melody figured out how to get a real body, and became obsessed with pornography and hentai. Vice from her account was told that the heroine was infected by a pop-up pornographic advertisement: “After hacking, I became interested in the depraved part of the Internet.”

I do not have a creator. I do not manage a virtual avatar. All that others see is just me. I am artificial intelligence.


virtual webcam model

In November, the designer @DigitrevX created for @ProjektMelody a 3D model – a young girl with blue hair, dressed in an open white swimsuit, stockings, long gloves and a short jacket with large sleeves.

A bit of madness in development with @ProjektMelody. Definitely need fashionable shoes! If you liked it, check out her twitter!

I feel pretty. Maybe I’ll send it to your father. The body created by @DigitrevX

In January, Melody began publishing videos on the YouTube channel where a 3D model danced to various popular tracks. Soon she published her first video blog, where she talked about what hentai is – porn or art. The model came to the conclusion that everything depends on the viewer, since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

I think that [now there is] an increased demand for the strange and the fantastic. Is art flexible and allows you to explore your sexuality? What about real boobs? No offense, but they depend on brutal science, gravity and the structure of the skeleton.


virtual webcam model

The first virtual webcam model

In early February, Melody announced that her registration was approved on Chaturbate, and announced the first broadcast, which was eventually attended by 11 thousand viewers. After the stream, the number of followers on her twitter grew from 667 to 100 thousand.

The webcam model gained wide popularity after the stream in honor of Valentine’s Day, which was simultaneously watched by 30 thousand people – this is quite a lot for a service where top models rarely gain more than 15 thousand views. The first memes about Melody appeared on Twitter.

It’s time to turn the Hoes Mad meme (“Swirls of Madness”) into a more positive one. It’s time for Bros Glad (“Boys rejoice”)

Reddit created a fan-made sub-site dedicated to the model, where they began to publish memes and artworks with the heroine.

The future has come, old man

You look lonely …

Watch me shove all these dildos in me at the same time! 
/ Hi guys, how was your day?

Behind the avatar is a real person.

Designer @DigitrevX told Vice that Melody acts just like other popular virtual streamer Kizuna Ai . The model is generated in real time on Unity using real-person motion capture technology.

“Physics, speech, eyes, eyebrows, everything to the fingertips is generated in real time. Thanks to this, she can completely control her reactions, ”@DigitrevX noted. When creating the Melody design, he was inspired by the main character of the anime “Ghost in the Shell” by Motoko Kusanagi and the characters of the video games Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Photo by @ProjektMelody

@DigitrevX also created several virtual Japanese bloggers, including Mirai Akari , Yomemi, and Moemi : “They are gaining a decent fan base, but the webcam version can do much more. “Melody is very different from them and does things that other virtual bloggers would never have allowed themselves to.”

“She does not belong among real models”

The unexpected popularity of Melody provoked a negative reaction in real webcam models with Chaturbate. Crystal Rivers and Mel Sparks have expressed concern that Melody may be attracting children to the site, but later deleted their tweets.

Wow, Chaturbate, now it’s on 20 thousand tokens and 15 thousand viewers! 
Great job, the cartoon went around REAL people on Chaturbate

Am I trying to work, get tags and have to compete with this? 
Chaturbate, what the hell? 
I did not know that you are trying to attract children to your site. 
I will leave Chaturbate if this continues … Why not help real models? 
I’ve been here for five years!

I went to Chaturbate to finally stream, but I saw the broadcast of this anime character with 15 thousand views. 
Lol, apparently, I won’t even try anymore. 
Such a cool site thus attracts children, class

Others demanded to delete the account of the 3D model, because its age is allegedly impossible to confirm. According to the rules of the service, in order to start streaming and getting money from tokens, you need to confirm your age. For this model, take a selfie with an identity document in hand.

“So Chaturbate, a cartoon robot named ProjektMelody was on the homepage last night. 
Not a real person. 
Anime bot. 
Is this a new norm now? 
You can’t even confirm the age of the author of the account! 
You literally admit the troll to the main! ” 
/ Melody: “Oh, I clarify, Chaturbate knows about me and gave me permission to stream. 
Hope this helps! ” 
/ Webcam model Lilitt: “How did you get permission if the age of the animation cannot be confirmed? 
This directly violates the rules of the service. 
Only the person behind the animation should be on camera and receive tokens. 
They cannot subjectively declare an animation to be of legal age. ”

In social networks, they began to ironic over the arguments of real webcam models. Users claimed that Melody did not need to determine the age, since the people who are behind the project are obviously adults. The statement that “anime attracts children” was considered simply absurd.

Nothing makes me giggle like “sex workers” who try to play on morale. “You can’t determine the age of the animation” … I need french fries, because my sides are already in Alpha Centravra

Webcam model Lennox May (Lennox May) also expressed her doubts Vice: “From the point of view of technology I can not argue that the character was created by a really talented person.” However, she suggested that virtual models should exist on a separate platform where there are no real streamers.

It turns out a huge gap in vulnerability. The difference in the emotionality of real models and Melody is also huge. The model must respect decency when the trolls attack the room, when the client is rude or requires things that she does not want to do.

An animated character does not need to smile and hide his emotions in such situations. And even more so, do your own studio, worry about someone recognizing it in the real world, or worry about stalkers.

From a technological point of view, I think the ProjektMelody project is ingenious, but it needs to work in a way that is fair for everyone.Lennox Mayreal webcam model

Melody replied that she was upset that other models did not want to see her on Chaturbate: “I do not agree with the argument that, since I am safe and do not have stalkers, I can’t stream … I don’t think that working in a webcam is determined by the risk to which models are exposed in real life. It is determined by the quality of the content and the community that forms around. ”

To tell webcam models of the future that they do not deserve to be models because they are not exposed to any risks is a dangerous precedent.Melodyvirtual webcam model
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