The world’s first liner with folding wings took to the skies

Boeing test pilots made their debut flight on the world’s first passenger aircraft with folding wing sections – the Boeing 777X. The test took place in Seattle, where the headquarters of the aviation corporation is located and the assembly of liners is underway.

The 777X is the new generation of the Three Sevens, a wide-body long-haul liner. The main feature of the aircraft compared to its predecessor – folding wingtips. This is necessary to reduce the wing span: the liner will be able to fit in standard hangars and fit the existing infrastructure of large airports. The wings fold only on the ground: in flight, the wingtips must be spread out, their disclosure is unacceptable. Boeing has already received permission from the regulator, which confirms the safety of the locking mechanism.

Also, the Boeing 777X became the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft – the length is 77 meters. On board the liner can take more than 400 passengers. In addition, the 777X has the largest GE9X engines: their diameter exceeds the diameter of the Boeing 737 fuselage.

Now the Boeing 777X will face flight tests, and next year the first customers will receive the liner. The cost of one copy is about $ 442 million. The main rival of the 777X on the other side of the ocean will be the Airbus A350-1000 – another young wide-body airliner with great prospects.
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