There are reviews and impressions of the iPad Pro 2020. The tablet is not for everyone

Journalists were satisfied with the tablet. However, as with the previous iPad Pro, this device is not for everyone. It is necessary to clearly understand why it is needed, otherwise its potential will not be revealed.

Briefly: LiDAR is cool, but so far there are no applications for it. Performance and autonomy were enough.

  1. The Verge

LiDAR on the iPad Pro seems pretty advanced, but designed for apps that don’t exist yet.

If the iPad Pro 2020 has an interesting feature, then this is LiDAR. It uses lasers to almost instantly determine depth and create a spatial map of the room. And every time when the device uses lasers, the company can not help but promote it, because the lasers still seem futuristic. Therefore, Apple says that it operates at the photon level and reacts at a nanosecond speed.

Yes, that’s how the light works.

In any case, LiDAR in the iPad Pro has appeared for fast and accurate augmented reality. And it really works, but so far it is the foundation for serious AR projects and does not give any guarantee that we will see them. Standard applications work better with it, but so far there is not a single third-party application that would fully use its capabilities.


The main advantage of LiDAR is that it is able to instantly create a room map . You no longer have to wave your ipad until the camera detects all the objects in the room.

This spatial map is more accurate. For example, in the Roulette application, a ruler is displayed when you are approaching a measured line.

Developers will be able to take advantage of LiDAR. Apple’s new APIs can more accurately define objects such as chairs, windows, and tables. They also allow you to place virtual objects anywhere on the map, and not just on a flat surface.

Simply put, the LiDAR on the iPad Pro seems pretty advanced, but designed for apps that don’t exist yet. In addition to home furniture, some goods and games, it is not clear whether there is a real demand for all these technologies. Now the most popular application of AR are face masks, and LiDAR is almost not associated with them.

  1. iMore

Why A12Z, not A13X?

I think that many people, including me, expected Apple to do what they usually have with the processor in the new iPad Pros – they will take the latest chip for the iPhone, add a few graphic cores, write X in the title and monitor the load of benchmarks.

But instead, Apple retained the processor of the previous model, added one GPU core, improved heat transfer to ensure maximum performance for a long time, and changed X to Z.


Apple claims the A12Z is ​​2.6 times faster than the A10X . It is strange to compare the performance of a new chip with a processor three years ago.

Why A12Z, not A13X? I have not yet found anything that could really load the A12X, so instead of even further increasing the peak performance of the CPU, Apple spends a budget on pumping the GPU, maintaining high power, while maintaining 10 hours of battery life in a very thin case.

  1. Wired

Fast and autonomous.

iPad Pro quickly launched applications, easily switched between tasks and did not hang in games and video calls. And, of course, the new processor gets along well with the battery.

I used the 12.9-inch iPad Pro all weekend, and it lasted two days and three nights on a single charge. I read a book on Friday night, streamed Hulu videos on Apple TV on Saturday, talked to Zoom and watched a few videos of the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society. Finally, on Monday he was discharged to 20%.

Topic: The new iPad Pro has already been tested in Antutu. Old is not much worse

  1. CNBC

If you just need a tablet, grab a regular iPad or iPad Air.

The iPad Pro is really expensive considering you can buy a regular iPad for $ 329. But with Pro you get a large amount of memory, a better screen, a more efficient processor, support for the new Magic Keyboard, improved cameras, faster augmented reality and much more. For some people, especially those who use it as a replacement for a computer, it’s worth the money.

If AR is important to you, you are a designer who is engaged in 3D modeling or video editing, then this iPad is for you. This is also a good choice if you, like me, pay attention to the difference between the screens of a regular iPad for $ 329 and an 11-inch iPad Pro for $ 799.

But if you just need a tablet, grab a regular iPad or iPad Air, which costs $ 499. However, Apple does not release Magic Keyboard for iPad Air, so you have to use either a separate mouse or look for a third-party case with a trackpad. You also lose Face ID, improved cameras, and a faster processor, but it’s still a great tablet.


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