This is Susan. So in 25 years, those who work remotely will look like

Psychologists and fitness trainers have strained to work together to create an averaged image of a person working all his life on a remote site. Meet this is Susan. She lives in 2045 and has never been in an office or factory. All because it works from home.

Susan has a bad posture, double chin, obesity and sore red eyes from constant work with the computer. Hair and skin are also a disaster due to the lack of vitamin D, which we mostly get outdoors from the sun.

However, the fate of Susan can be avoided even with remote work. To do this, experts advise to tear yourself away from the computer at least for a minute every half an hour, change your pose and get up every 40 minutes, go outside for a lunch break, drink plenty of water, exercise, communicate more often with friends and colleagues.


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