“This Turkish devil”: cook Burak Ozdemir surprises with gigantic dishes for the second year – but cooking is becoming weirder

Other features added to the gigantism and corporate smile. Build a furnace for one roller? Easy. Reshoot the Matrix with kebabs? Yes.

Burak Özdemir is a 26-year-old Turkish chef who runs a restaurant in Istanbul. Burak followed in the footsteps of his father and mother, who own several restaurants in Turkey, but in a couple of years the son became much more popular than his parents. Ozdemir became famous in social networks as “CZNBurak” thanks to the commercials: his craving for gigantism and his signature smile became his chips.

Hy wrote about the Turk almost exactly a year ago. And during this time, Burak Ozdemir from just a popular chef turned into a real Internet phenomenon.

Person in Instagram: Turkish cook Burak …He became famous in social networks due to “gigantism” in the preparation of traditional dishes and signature …

By March 2020, Ozdemir had nearly 15 million followers on Instagram . He also mastered a new social network – TikTok . There he also has about 15 million subscribers. Burak is among the top 50 most popular TikTok bloggers, and in 2019, service representatives presented him with the “Producer of the Year” award in Turkey.

Ozdemir is not limited to social networks: over the year it has become extremely popular offline. Now, Russian fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and Turkish President Recep Erdogan come to him for dinner . The cook meets all guests personally, preparing them specialties.

But he doesn’t forget about the Internet. Ozdemir’s classic commercials remain unchanged: huge dishes, huge kitchen appliances, a constant smile and a look directly into the camera.

But the Internet is designed in such a way that in order to maintain its popularity you need to constantly surprise something. And Ozdemir surprises – every time his videos become weirder. At some point, you can even forget about the giant dishes.

For starters, some special effects with cutting meat

Everyone is used to huge Turkish dishes, but what about huge pasta?

A little background of Burak Ozdemir dishes

Upside down cooking

House (not a house) made of chocolate

Ozdemir makes an oven for one video

Seriously – every time a new oven

Or even whole mechanisms

Roller of Burak Ozdemir from parallel reality

Can I cook with a tractor? Yes

A video for those who don’t like the Turk smile

Cooking in the subway (okay, this is an Instagram filter, but who would be surprised)

Bonus: Turkish Matrix with kebabs

At the same time, Ozdemir is not only a famous chef in his homeland. He is also known as a philanthropist who helps those in need, feeds children for free, and sponsors animal shelters.

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