Thousands of Zoom Recordings Available

The Zoom video conferencing application has become extremely popular due to the coronavirus. You yourself most likely used it if you work remotely. But there is a problem – the service is not doing very well with security. According to The Washington Post, thousands of Zoom video call recordings leaked to the network.

You won’t find these records through Google, but search engines that can view insecure cloud storages can easily see them. In one of these, 15,000 Zoom videos were found. There are working conferences, and recordings of therapy sessions, and classes in elementary school, and private conversations.

By default, Zoom does not record video calls and does not save them in the cloud, but users who usually don’t even set passwords for recording can do this. Representatives of the service promised to pay more attention to privacy and security, but for now have turned on the automatic password setting function. By the way, the phenomenon has already received the name Zoombombing.

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