Tim Cook told how technology will evolve over the next 10 years

This week, Tim Cook arrived in Ireland to receive an award from IDA Ireland in recognition of Apple’s 40-year history in the country. Today, Apple CEO met with IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan.

IDA Ireland is the state agency responsible for foreign direct investment in Ireland. It established the award that Cook will receive. Apple is the largest employer with over 6,000 employees in Cork, Ireland.

During the conversation, Tim was asked what he expects from technology in the next five to ten years. He replied that he saw augmented reality as the next big step in the development of the industry.

I am delighted with AR. I believe this is the next big thing, and it permeates our whole life. Yesterday I visited the War Ducks development company in Dublin – their entire staff consists of 15 people and they use AR for games. You can imagine? For games, this is unbelievable.

I think that this is what does not isolate people. We can use Augmented Reality to enhance our communication.

– Tim Cook

In addition, Cook noted the importance of technology development in the healthcare sector. This will reduce the cost and complexity of treating and diagnosing various diseases.

Apple is actively working and exploring new technologies to improve the health of users. [ 9to5 ]

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