Tom Cruise and Space X will remove the action movie in space

Tom Cruise will join forces with Elona Mask Space X and NASA to shoot the feature film in space. According to Collider, other actors, including Tom Hanks (Apollo 13), Matt Damon (Martian), Brad Pitt (To the Stars) and others, only pretended to be outside the Earth. Tom Cruise plans to do it really.

According to Deadline, the film will not be the next episode of the Mission Impossible franchise, and there is no more detailed information at this time. The project is allegedly in the early stages of development, and it has not even been decided which studio will undertake its implementation.

It is noted that Tom Cruise is always very kind to projects with his own participation, and he often risks his own health by performing complex tricks. By the degree of recklessness in this regard, only Jackie Chan could probably argue with Cruz.


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