Tom Hanks called the “absolute grief” the release of the film “Greyhound” on Apple TV + instead of movie theaters

The actor played the main role and wrote the script for the picture.

Greyhound Apple TV + frame

Tom Hanks said that the release of the movie about the Greyhound war with him in the title role on the Apple TV + service instead of movie theaters is “absolute grief”. According to him, home viewing cannot provide the same sound and image quality as in a movie. Hanks spoke about this in an interview with The Guardian.

As noted in the publication, “Greyhound” is a special film for the actor: he not only played the main role, but also acted as screenwriter and producer of the picture. Hanks tried to release the film for almost ten years and considers it one of those tapes about the war that you need to see on the big screen.

Initially, the distributor of the picture was Sony Pictures, and the film was supposed to be released worldwide in early May 2020. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the studio decided to sell the picture in streaming services, and arranged an auction. Apple won the rights to show on TV +: according to media reports, this cost the company $ 70 million.

A change of plan is absolute grief. I do not want to annoy my overlords from Apple, but there is a difference in the quality of the picture and sound [between showing in a movie and watching at home].

Tom Hanks

Hanks also hinted that Apple had an impact on how he looked during an interview that took place remotely because of the coronavirus. The actor said that “Apple’s cruel whips” made him sit against the background of an empty wall in his own office. According to him, otherwise the journalists could have looked at the entire Hanks bookshelf out of curiosity.

Against the backdrop of a terrible void, I look like I’m in a witness protection program. But still here I am, fulfilling the requirements of Apple.

Tom Hanks

The Greyhound film is based on real events and tells the story of Captain Ernst Krause (Tom Hanks), whose ship was led by an international convoy of 37 ships that transported aid for Allied forces in World War II. The director of the picture was Aaron Schneider, who had previously shot only one full-length film – “Bury Me Alive” and is better known as a cameraman.

Greyhound will be released exclusively on Apple TV + on July 10 in all countries where the service is available, including Russia.

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