Troy Baker and Nolan North walked through The Last of Us and shared their thoughts on the finale

Actors Troy Baker (Joel) and Nolan North (David) completed the game on their YouTube channel as part of The Definitive Playthrough – the rubric where they play with the guests. For the final episodes, they called actress Merle Dandridge, who voiced the game Marlene.Attention! This is followed by spoilers for the final game.

Start at 38:40 minutes.

Closer to the final, Merle asked her colleagues to share their thoughts on the ethical decisions of Joel at the end of the game, where he not only saves Ally, potentially depriving humanity of the vaccine, but then lies to her about it. At the same time, the actress noticed that both actors have their own children, and therefore it should be especially difficult for them.

Troy admitted that he always looked at this scene differently from most players. He believes that Ally could initially know the real purpose of their journey.

Imagine for a second that Ellie knew about this from the very beginning. She knew that in order to receive medicine she had to sacrifice herself. And all this way was for her a kind of funeral march. That is why she was so fascinated by a world she was about to leave and which she never knew. A world in which girls were preparing for dates or playing video games.

She knew that she would die and wanted to understand why she was doing this. When Ellie says: “It all cannot be wasted” – she means that my death cannot be in vain and I know that I will die. And what if the main crime is that Joel took the meaning from her death?

I did not see in Joel a hero who would save humanity in the course of this adventure, but that is precisely what he did. He saved the world. And a little girl is his whole world. If we cannot save the little girl, then this world is not worth saving.

Troy Baker


Nolan North, in turn, shared his thoughts on Joel’s motivation.

The main question is, did he save Ally for herself or for himself?

I think he found hope in her for life and he did not care about everything else. After all, he regained his hope.

Nolan North


In the end, Baker emphasized that this passage was the most emotional for him, although before that he had passed the game in a variety of conditions.

The actors will discuss the final scene of the game in a separate issue, to which Ashley Johnson will be invited. Troy is sure that the last issue is impossible without her participation.

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