Trump supporters in Las Vegas release doves wearing “Let’s make America great again” caps before Democrats debate

Responsibility for the incident took an anonymous group that calls itself Putin.

Frame from the video “Pigeons in MAGA caps”

Following the pigeons in cowboy hats and sombreros in Las Vegas there were birds in a red cap with the slogan Donald Trump “to make America great again» (Make America Great Again), reports TV channel KSNV. They were released before the US Democratic debate.

Trump supporters who call themselves PUTIN (short for Pigeons United To Interfere Now – “Pigeons United for Intervention”) took responsibility for releasing the birds. An anonymous underground organization sent a press release to local media.

“Pigeons in caps MAGA”

Coo Hand Luke, founder of the organization, said the project was implemented after months of “rigorous research, technical difficulties, and pigeon care.” They noted that all the birds were specially trained.

The organization emphasized that it was inspired by the CIA Tacana operation of the Cold War era, when US intelligence tried to make pigeons “spies” for surveillance of the Soviet Union by placing small cameras on their heads.

The leader of the pack was dressed in a wig resembling Trump’s hairdo Photo by PUTIN

So in PUTIN they expressed “air” support to Trump and opposed the candidates from the Democratic Party, whose debates took place on February 19. On the same day, Trump arrived in Las Vegas to meet with the police.

Birds in hats really were released into the wild – videos with pigeons appeared on social networks.

Have you seen the red things on the heads of the birds? This is the cap “Let’s make America great again.” The group released a flock of pigeons with them in downtown Las Vegas before the Democrats debate

The New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz called the animal cruelty initiative.

This is terrifying animal cruelty. These hats prevent birds from flying, eating and looking for food. Removing bonded hats is painful and difficult. This trick is terrible. The person in charge must go to jail

Journalists continue to present this story as amusing. This is an open cruelty to animals. It is terrible that in this way it is normalized. Poor helpless birds 🙁

When birds in cowboy hats and sombrero were released in Las Vegas, animal rights activists also worried about the health of pigeons and asked local residents to report the whereabouts of the animals. One of the pigeons who wore a cowboy hat died, but it is not known exactly what his death was associated with.
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