Tumblr developer: there are too many ads for Apple paid services on iOS

Steve Stresa, the developer of the Tumblr iOS application , has released a great post about how Apple advertises services on its operating systems.

According to Stresa, to increase the number of subscribers to the services, Apple shows a lot of advertising in standard applications.

The number of ads has increased dramatically in iOS 13, as Apple Arcade and Apple TV + came out with it.

The developer gives specific examples.

Advertise Apple Music in the Music app.

The Apple TV + service is advertised on the Apple TV home screen.

The News app has Apple News + ads.

At the opening of Wallet, it is proposed to issue an Apple Card.

Apple Arcade has a separate section in the App Store with an exclusive look.

Apple also advertises third-party apps through the App Store search.

Apple even uses notifications to advertise services.

If the device owner does not use Apple services, he will constantly see this ad. Most ads are integrated into the system and cannot be hidden in any way.

Stresa is confident that in the future there will be more advertising in iOS, as Apple is seriously developing the direction of services. [ Steve Streza ]

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