TVs and monitors rise in price due to coronavirus

Earlier, experts have already voiced concerns about the noticeable impact of the Chinese coronavirus on the global economy. But the impact will not only be global. According to voiced forecasts, in the near future prices are expected to increase for panels for monitors and TVs – so far, five factories in Wuhan have been hit by a coronavirus.

Experts from IHS Markit believe that capacity utilization will be noticeably reduced. This is due to the long winter holidays, which had to send factory workers because of fear of the spread of the disease.

This will lead to reduced supplies and higher purchase prices on the panel. The “optimistic” forecast speaks of an increase of $ 1-2, and the pessimistic forecast of $ 3-5. Growth seems almost invisible, but manufacturers are likely to increase margins to avoid a drop in revenue. As a result, the price increase for the final consumer will be more obvious.

According to IHS Markit, in 2020, about 55% of all panels will be released in China, so the situation with coronavirus will affect the supply of these components for TVs and monitors.

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