Twitch blocked Trump’s official channel, while Reddit blocked the U.S. Presidential fan community

In both cases, the reason was a violation of the rules of the site.

Reddit updated the site’s policy and announced the blocking of 2 thousand subreddits, including the community about Donald Trump r / The_Donald. This was reported in the blog of the company.

The New York Times notes that this is one of the largest communities of supporters of the president, which has been subscribed to nearly 800 thousand users. They posted memes, videos, and posts in support of Trump.

The reason for the block is a violation of company policy. In a conversation with reporters, Reddit CEO Steve Huffmann explained that the platform should be a place to bring people together rather than attack them: “r / The_Donald violated this,” NYT quoted him as saying.

The Guardian noted that the subreddit had previously faced criticism due to repeated violations of the site’s rules, including “encouraging violence against police and government officials in Oregon.”

In addition, Twitch temporarily blocked Trump ‘s official channel for violating company policies. The reason for the blockage was about a video from 2016, where Trump called the Mexicans “rapists and criminals” – this video was “recently” relayed on Twitch, CNN explained.

Another violation was the company’s video, in which the US president described a hypothetical situation in which a “hombre” breaks into the house of a “young girl” (Latin name is approx. ). Twitch explained that he was against hatred.


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