Twitter first noted Trump’s entries as untrustworthy. He accused the social network of meddling in the election race.

The president said that Twitter suppresses freedom of speech.

Twitter first tagged Trump’s posts with a special sign telling readers about their possible inaccuracy and the need for additional verification. He criticized this decision and accused the social network of meddling in the presidential campaign.

In the tagged entries, Trump commented on a postal vote organized by Democrats. In his opinion, the results of such elections will be easily faked. “The mailboxes will be robbed, the ballots will be falsified and even illegally printed and fraudulently signed,” Trump wrote.

A spokeswoman for Twitter explained that Trump’s tweets “contain potentially misleading information about voting processes and have been tagged to provide additional context around ballots.” When a user sees the president’s notes, the “Get facts about voting ballots by mail” checkbox is attached to them. Link to it leads to a selection of tweets and articles that refute the president’s statements.

In response, Trump accused the social network of interfering in the presidential campaign. “They say that my statement regarding the postal vote, which could lead to massive corruption and falsification, is incorrect, based on verification of information conducted by fake news services CNN and the Washington Post,” the president complained. He added that the social network “suppresses freedom of speech,” and he will not allow this.

In early March, Twitter first marked the political video as “manipulation.” The author of the post was White House social media director Dan Skavino, who was retweeted by Trump.

The social network began testing a new way to deal with fakes in February. The social network will mark media files if it considers that they were specially edited so as to mislead people.

US presidential elections will be held in November. Trump’s possible rival will be former vice president Joe Biden.

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