Two graphics modes, trend of the world and the former five locations: details of the remake of Demon’s Souls

Plus five minutes of gameplay and screenshots.

Demon’s Souls developers from Bluepoint Games have given several interviews to the gaming press. The authors talked about the main features of the action RPG remake, as well as what will change in it compared to the original, and what they tried to preserve and recreate.
We have selected from the materials the most important information about the updated version of the game.

Technical details

  • The game will have two graphics modes: native 4K and 30 fps or dynamic 4K and 60 fps. All trailers are recorded in the second one.
  • Thanks to the SSD, downloads will be almost instantaneous, but the developers deliberately left a small “pause” with a blackout after the death of the character.
  • The developers used the features of the DualSense controller: with the help of detailed vibration feedback, they want to make the battles more severe and make the player feel the differences between different strokes.
  • Tempest Audio 3D sound is also used: according to the developers, in the game you can “hear arrows flying near your head”.


What will change


  • The remake will have some additional content, but what kind of content, the developers do not disclose, “so as not to spoil the impression” of the players.
  • Some items were created specifically for the updated version, for example, grains (Grains) of different types, which can increase protection against effects like poison and fire.
  • The maximum amount of healing herbs that a character can carry will be limited. More effective herbs will weigh more than others.
  • You can now do somersaults in any of the eight directions, instead of four, as before.
  • Bugs like walls, through which it was possible to inflict damage to bosses, have been fixed, but some “memetic” design features will remain in the game.
  • Heroes will be allowed to be stored in the Nexus, a hub location. Instead of completely resetting the characteristics of the created character, the player can spend souls to give the current one for storage and change to another.
  • Fractured Mode – mirror mode, in which all levels will be “reflected”.
  • The camera behavior has been improved, but in the settings it will be possible to turn on the old system.
  • Users will be able to choose a visual filter for the picture, for example, black and white or “classic”, which makes the image seem to fade, as in Demon’s Souls 2009. With a filter, you can go through the game from start to finish.
  • Photo mode will appear in the remake. It will pause the game (which was not possible in the original), but will automatically shut down if another player invades the world.
  • The soundtrack was completely re-recorded with a full-fledged orchestra and chorus – it will remain the same, but some arrangements will change. The replicas of the characters were also rewritten, inviting many actors from the original for this.


What will remain the same


  • According to the developers, all the content that was in the PlayStation 3 version will remain in the remake.
    There are only five worlds in the game: the shattered obelisk in the Nexus leads nowhere.
  • The world tendency system will remain unchanged in the game. How “light” or “dark” the world stays still depends on the actions of each player individually and collectively (when playing online), but determining the level will be easier thanks to the additional interface element.
  • The fight with the Old Monk, a boss controlled by another player, will also appear in the remake.
  • AI and the logic of enemy behavior have not changed in any way.
  • Individual models were redesigned following fan complaints, bringing them closer to the original design. This also applies to the Flamelurker shown in the trailers.
  • There will be no difficulty settings in the remake.


Gameplay trailer


The release of the remake of Demons’ Souls will take place on November 12, at the start of PS5 sales in some countries of the world.


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