Ubisoft Announces Mario Party Style Raving Rabbids for Switch

They will tell more about her on August 2 at ChinaJoy.

Judging by the first trailer, the game is designed for four players and includes arenas with different mini-games, thereby resembling Mario Party.

The visual style is strongly inspired by Chinese motifs, in particular because Ubisoft from Chengdu was responsible for the design.

There is no exact information about the release of the game in the West, however, it is now clear that China is positioned as the main market for it.

For the same reason, the presentation of the game will be held at ChinaJoy, which opens on August 2. On the same day, Tencent and Nintendo will hold a conference that expects details of Switch’s launch in China.

As analyst Daniel Ahmad noted , the Rabbids franchise is well known in China, and the cartoon has become one of the most popular in the country.

This game will be only the second to Switch on the Raving Rabbids franchise after Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, developed jointly with Nintendo. It is assumed that both companies are engaged in the second part, but officially it has not yet been announced.

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