Updated section with wallpapers, contests in Photos. What else was found in iOS 14

In iOS 14, they found several new features that will appear on the iPhone and iPad in the fall of 2020.

Updated Wallpaper Section

Currently, iOS wallpapers fall into three categories: live, dynamic, and regular. In iOS 14, additional sections will appear, for example, Earth and the Moon and Flowers .

The main innovation is that developers will be able to add their images immediately to the system section with wallpaper . How this will happen is still unknown.

New Accessibility Settings

iOS 14 will be able to recognize the sounds of fire alarms, sirens, knock on the door and crying children. Presumably, these sounds will be converted into tactile signals to help deaf people.

In addition, the iPhone camera will be able to recognize sign language, and Sound Adaptation will improve the sound of AirPods and EarPods for people with mild hearing loss.

Photo Contests

Apple has been running Shot on iPhone contests for several years. In iOS 14, they will be integrated into the Photos app. Users can quickly poison the snapshot and monitor the results.


Lighting devices in HomeKit will automatically adjust the lighting temperature according to the time of day. In the evening, a warm light will turn on, similar to the Night Shift on an iPhone.

CCTV cameras will be able to recognize faces and send notifications when one of the family members has come home.

Apple tv

Owners of Apple TV will be able to fix the audio output. For example, all the time to output sound to the HomePod, and not switch to it constantly in the settings, as it is implemented now.


Apple Pay in iOS 14 will support the popular AliPay payment system in China. [ 9to5Mac ]


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