US presidential candidate Joe Biden on Silicon Valley game developers: “Arrogant little bastards”

At least, he got this impression after meeting with them.

Joe Biden, a former US vice president and current presidential candidate in the 2020 election, recalled his meeting with gaming company executives in a big interview with The New York Times.

At a meeting held during the time of Barack Obama as president, Joe Biden agreed on documents that would help authors protect their intellectual property in the United States.

One of these petty reptiles sitting around the table, close to being a billionaire, told me that he was an artist. Because he can come up with games that teach how to kill people.Joe Bidenformer US vice president

Although the leaders of large gaming companies themselves are almost not involved in the development process, Biden’s negative impression seems to have developed about the industry as a whole. Although top managers got the most.

Then one of these virtues told me that they are America’s economic engine. We, not someone else. Fortunately, I made inquiries before arriving there, and said it was amazing. I put seven companies together, not counting Microsoft, and told them that they have fewer people than General Motors lost in the last quarter. So do not lecture me on how you create jobs.Joe Bidenformer US vice president

Closing the subject of this meeting, Biden accused the leaders of Silicon Valley, including the heads of gaming companies, of arrogance.

The problem is this great arrogance. That supposedly they, and only they. That they can do whatever they want. I disagree.Joe Bidenformer US vice president

On the net, Biden’s words were criticized. Many began to recall the age of the politician, calling him “boomer.”

If you blame the games for violence, then maybe Monopoly is the main reason why the Boomers so successfully bring everything to bankruptcy.

The older we get, the shorter each subsequent decade seems. For 77-year-old Joe Biden, the predictions of the 1990s about how violent games will make children cruel seem to be very recent. Something like: “Just wait and you will see everything.” And he is still waiting, not realizing that the very children he warned about are already adults.

This is not the first time Biden has spoken out sharply about games in which, one way or another, there is a certain level of cruelty.

Back in 2013, the politician proposed to impose an additional tax on them, noting that legally nothing prevents this.

Biden also said that people should not be afraid of “facts” that could potentially emerge if scientists embark on an investigation of the relationship between cruelty in the media and real life.

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