Useful keyboard shortcuts in OS X

No matter how convenient the trackpad on Apple laptops is, keyboard shortcuts make life easier and save time. Let’s talk about those key combinations that will help in daily work.

Hotkeys in OS X are a set of keyboard shortcuts that can seriously increase the productivity of your work and save a lot of time. There are a lot of such combinations both inside the system and in each individual application. We will not dwell on the well-known shortcuts for copying and pasting data, shutting down programs, and other obvious things. Better pay attention to those that you might not know about before.

Let’s start by booting the system, because there are options. Firstly, holding down the Option (⌥, alt) key after turning on the computer allows you to get to the boot menu. Secondly, using the combination shortcuts + R (⌘ + R) starts system recovery if something goes wrong. You can read about a “clean” reinstallation of the system in a separate article.

So, we are in the system. Let’s start with simple combinations:

Make a copy of the selected file can be a combination  + D .
Shortcut  + T creates a new tab in the Finder – very convenient when working with files.
+ L will allow you to create a shortcut to the selected file, then you can transfer it to where you need.
Also in Finder it is convenient to use the combination  + Shift + G , which will open the dialog for entering the folder address.
Remember the classic “My Computer” menu on Windows? The combination  + Shift + C will bring up a similar window in OS X.

Changing the appearance of files in a window is also quite simple even without using the top menu bar:

+ 1 – display of icons.
+ 2 – list display.
+ 3 – display in columns.
+ 4 – view of CoverFlow.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to take a screenshot of a screen, its area or a separate window. In OS X, this is quite simple:

+ Shift + 3 – a screenshot of the desktop with all the windows open.
+ Shift + 4 – allows you to select the area of ​​the screen for the picture.
+ Shift + 4 + Space – a snapshot of the selected window.

If you add the Control button to any of the combinations , the picture will not be saved on the desktop, but will immediately go to the clipboard.

When working with windows in OS X, you can use the following key combinations:

+ M – minimize the window.
+ H – hide the window, works by analogy, but the window disappears faster.
+ Q – end the program.

Even if in the system settings you have constant display of the dock turned on, it can still be forced to hide or display using the shortcuts + + D – this will not change your parameters.

If a program crashes and does not want to exit, then  + + Esc will calm it down. This is a program forced shutdown window. Sometimes this window cannot be called, so the поэтому + Control + Shift + Escape combination held for three seconds will close the problem window, the data will most likely be lost.

Apple develops and promotes Spotlight search. You can call it not only with the icon in the upper right corner, but also with the combination Control + Space .

Take a look at the Safari browser:

You can switch between open tabs using the combination Control + Tab . In the opposite direction, we move through Control + Shift + Tab .
+ T – open a new tab.
+ W – closes the current tab.
+ L will take you to the address bar by activating the cursor. You can immediately enter the address or search query.

Out of the box, OS X has rich text capabilities using shortcuts:

+ the right or left arrow will move the cursor to the beginning or end of the line, and  + up or down to the beginning or end of the document, respectively.
If ⌘ is replaced by ⌥, then  + will move the cursor one word to the right or left .
+ Delete will delete exactly one word to the left of the cursor position.

Using even part of the keyboard shortcuts above, you can increase your productivity in OS X and save the most valuable resource – your time. In the comments, let’s continue to share useful keyboard shortcuts that may come in handy in everyday life.


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