Users complain about iOS 13.5: applications close with a strange error

IOS 13.5 users complain about a strange error that suddenly shuts down applications on the iPhone and iPad.

On Twitter, you can find many complaints , which are accompanied by screenshots and videos.

In all cases, the error appears the same way: when you open the application, a pop-up window is displayed with the following message:

This app is no longer available to you. To use it, you must buy it in the App Store.


@YouTube is funny! I can’t use the YouTube app because it is no longer available to me …

Users are prompted to go to the App Store or click the Cancel button . After that, the application closes.

Judging by the complaints, the problem is not related to any particular application. It occurs when you open YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp and other applications.

To fix the error, users are advised to reinstall the application.

The error is presumably related to iCloud family access. Perhaps Apple’s servers have a problem due to which not iOS can verify the purchase.

Apple did not confirm the problem, all of its services are working properly.

UPD: When reinstalling the application, data is deleted. To save them and fix the error, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage
    2.Select an application that does not start
    3. Click the Download application button
    4. Click the Reinstall application button

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