Valve employee blocked a player in ranked Dota 2 after an altercation – he had to apologize

And the studio has forbidden employees to manually block users.

Sean Wanaman, creator of Firewatch and co-founder of Campo Santo studio, bought by Valve, had a fight with one of the players during a match in Dota 2 and gave him a “low priority” by banning him from playing in ranked mode.

Initially , the victim himself, a Reddit user with the nickname minijuanjohndoe, told about this , complaining that he only advised the team to throw the middle tower, but the developer did not agree with him. The player has attached to his message the nickname of the Valve employee, the match ID number, as well as a table with his behavior rating, which rarely fell below the maximum.

Apparently, Wanaman thought that his team had lost the match precisely because of minijuanjohndoe and decided to punish him by exceeding their authority. “Low priority” in Dota 2 is usually assigned after a lot of user complaints or for leaving a match after it has started. Players with this priority can only play with each other, they are not allowed to search for matches in the ranked mode or “one-on-one”, and they are allowed access only to the Single Draft mode, where a character must be selected from three random ones.

Shortly after the post block the player he said he Vanamali, today announced that the support team has analyzed the situation and found that minijuanjohndoe did not break the rules. The developer admitted that he was mistaken and stated that Valve decided to forbid all of its employees to manually ban other users in Dota 2.

Even if the user deserved to be banned, we all believe that manually banning accounts is not the best idea, because it is hard to be objective about the Dota 2 matches you played yourself. My mistake is a perfect example. Now we, as employees, will not have any special privileges when playing Dota. An unspoken rule in this regard existed before, but it did not work here. Now it will not be unspoken: such manual locks will not be allowed at all. My sincere apologies to user minijuanjohndoe.

Sean Wanaman

The apology of the founder of Campo Santo was received negatively by many players on Reddit, considering his apology to be insincere, and also noting that other people could get “low priority” without a good reason.

Hey Valve, don’t you think that this particular behavior should be “low priority” to Wanaman himself? Excessive powers, problems with aggression. He should cool down.

Reddit user

And I’m wondering if there are other players who did not come to Reddit, but undeservedly received a manual ban. It is worth considering.

Reddit user

Imagine a company employee doing something similar in some other industry. Yes, you need to fire.

Reddit user

And how many other players have you manually banned? Will the support double-check these players too? Why did it take a public scandal for something to change?

Reddit user

Sean Wanaman is a game designer and writer best known for his Firewatch and work on several Telltale Games games, including the first season of The Walking Dead. He founded Campo Santo in 2013, and was acquired by Valve five years later.

This is not the first time a developer finds himself in the center of a scandal. In 2017, he urged game studios to oppose blogger Felix “PewDiePie” Chelberg by filing copyright infringement complaints about his videos.

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