Valve finished beta testing Dota Underlords – the first season started in the game

In auto chess, among other things, added a combat pass, an additional mode and hats.

As part of the first season, which began on February 25, the City Raid mode was added to Dota Underlords – in it you need to fight, complete tasks and solve puzzles to capture four areas of the White Spire. The test awards are costumes for lords and portraits for their wanted posters.

Valve also introduced a combat pass, which included more than 100 awards, including fields, items to decorate them and wanted posters. The cost of the pass was 325 rubles – only 20 cosmetic items are available without a purchase.

The balance was also changed in the game – two alliances and two items were temporarily removed from it, but three other alliances and nine items were added instead. Hats appeared as a separate category of items, the owners of which are included in another alliance.

The Dota Underlords open beta has been running since June 20, 2019. The game is available on PC on Steam, as well as on mobile devices with Android and iOS.
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