“Ventilation apparatuses” purchased by Ilon Mask, were devices for the treatment of sleep disorders

Previously, the founder of Tesla called the “stupid” panic around the coronavirus.

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In late March the company SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Tesla bought in China and free handed California 1255 lung ventilation apparatus, approved by the US Office of FDA The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A few days later, the mayor of New York also thanked the entrepreneur for the transfer of several hundred devices.

Journalists at the Financial Times were puzzled that the Mask had managed to buy more than a thousand ventilators, although there was a serious shortage of such equipment in the world. They examined the entrepreneur’s purchase and found that he actually purchased BIPAP devices from ResMed, a New York-based company, that provide non-invasive support for breathing in sleep disorders – for example, with apnea, when breathing may stop in a person’s sleep.

The publication drew attention to the difference not only in functions, but also in the cost of the devices: mechanical ventilation required for severe pneumonia, including those caused by coronavirus, cost about 50 thousand dollars (about 3.8 million rubles), while the devices purchased by Mask dollars (61 thousand rubles).

Some experts believe that BIPAP devices can be used with a mild course of the disease, but others object that devices can contribute to the spread of the virus. At the same time, the devices purchased by Mask are actually approved by the FDA and are included in the list of alternative devices that can be used in case of a shortage of ventilation devices.

Musk has repeatedly expressed skepticism about the coronavirus and refused to close the Tesla factory, although in the end he was forced to yield to the authorities. In addition, he promised to start producing ventilators in case of a shortage.


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