Vertical gameplay and shootouts in the virtual world: the first details of Hyper Scape – the “royal battle” of Ubisoft

As well as a trailer, a record of the gameplay and a video diary of developers.

Ubisoft started the technical test of Hyper Scape even before its official announcement – two hours before the show, streamers were already playing in the “royal battle”, and more than 450 thousand viewers watched the broadcasts.

Hyper Scape is a shareware battle piano for 100 players, which takes place in the virtual city of Neo-Arcadia. The game focuses on vertical gameplay – there are a lot of tall buildings, railway overpasses and jumping platforms on the map.

First Hyper Scape Trailer

Two modes are available in the game: in a group of three people and alone. After death, the character becomes a digital ghost and can continue to move around the field and hunt down enemies. When one of them dies, a restoration point is formed in its place, at which the allies can return the character to life.

Each character can equip two types of weapons and two abilities. If a player finds a weapon or ability that his hero already has, then they will improve – so, after an upgrade, a sniper rifle can kill the enemy with one shot to the head.

Hyper Scape Gameplay Features Overview

Abilities in Hyper Scape will open up additional opportunities for attack, defense and movement – for example, one of the perks will allow you to move around the map in the form of a large ball.

The game will not have grenades, armor and vehicles. Instead, they added an NPC that sets additional conditions in each match and can increase the amount of loot on the map, reveal the location of all opponents and disable gravity.

Game Developer Video Diary

A key feature of Hyper Scape is its integration with Twitch. If one of the players streams the match, viewers can vote for the conditions that the NPC should add, and thereby affect the course of the game.

The technical test of Hyper Scape has been taking place since July 2 on PCs in 16 countries, which Russia was not included in. When the full release of the game takes place, it is not specified. Hyper Scape will also be released on the PS4 and Xbox One, and later should appear on the Xbox Series X and PS5.

Gameplay Hyper Scape


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