Very sad video: a guy buys pizza in 2011 for 19 bitcoins, or for $ 138,000 at the current rate

Once upon a time, cryptocurrencies were conceived not as one of the ways of investment, but as electronic money, designed to spend it. On Reddit, they remembered a video that was published on YouTube in 2011. The author of that video shows how to spend 19 bitcoins to buy pizza.

Judging by the exchange rates, at the time of recording the video, its author bought a gift card in a pizzeria for $ 18 (plus $ 0.36 commission). To do this, he had to spend 19.12 bitcoins, which at the current rate is approximately $ 138,000.

In December 2017, when one bitcoin was sold for $ 20,000, bitcoins spent on pizza could be sold for $ 382,000.
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