VICE: after the scandal, Nintendo decided to replace and repair the joins even after the warranty expired

It seems that the company wants to quickly deal with the mass marriage, not publicly recognizing its existence.

After another large-scale Internet discussion about the mass rejection of Switch controllers, Nintendo sent instructions to service centers, according to which customers no longer need to provide checks or any other guarantee documents in order to receive a free repair or replacement of “joysticks”.

According to the document that came into the possession of VICE, the controller’s owner can even get his money back if, after a warranty repair, the malfunction does not disappear.

We want to quickly solve this problem and return smiles to the faces of our customers.from document

Since the release of Switch, players have been complaining about various technical issues with the console, including the famous “joystick drift” – when sticks at rest start to work on their own.

Previously, service centers offered players to update software and repeat the calibration of controllers, but this did not solve the problem – often a complete replacement was required.

According to Vice, against the backdrop of news of a class action lawsuit against Nintendo, the company went “on the defensive” – it does not give clear comments and does not recognize the existence of a marriage, as this could harm it in a potential future lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the document says that Nintendo does not expect a repeat of the “drift” in the upcoming Switch Lite, where in the case of a similar marriage, you might have to change the entire console.

After publishing in Kotaku , which provoked a violent reaction from players facing a “drift,” the company issued a short statement stating that it “was aware of recent reports of controller malfunctions,” and asked the players to contact support.

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