Violinist plays while surgeons remove a tumor from her brain

To ensure that important areas of the brain are not affected during the operation, British surgeons asked Dagmar Turner to play the violin. A video of the unique procedure was published on YouTube by The Guardian. A slow-growing tumor in the brain of a violinist of a symphony orchestra was discovered in 2013.

The operation was carried out at Kings College Hospital in London under the guidance of neurosurgery professor Keyumars Ashkan. The tumor grew near the area of ​​the brain responsible for the micro movements of the violinist’s left arm. In the middle of the procedure, the doctors took Turner out of anesthesia and asked her to play in order to be sure that important parts of the brain would not be affected during the most complicated operation.

Each year, around 400 tumors are removed from the brain in this hospital. Often patients are awakened during surgery, they are given language tests. But for the first time, a patient played while neurosurgeons removed a tumor from his brain. As a result, it was possible to remove about 90% of the tumor, the functions of the left arm were preserved.

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