Virgin Hyperloop first tested an ultra-fast capsule with passengers. Its speed exceeded 160 kilometers per hour

It is planned that in the future the capsule will be able to accelerate to a speed of over 1000 kilometers per hour.

Virgin Hyperloop conducted the first tests of its ultra-fast transportation system on November 8, 2020 . They successfully passed at the DevLoop test site in the US state of Nevada, where a 500-meter-long vacuum tunnel was built.

The company says it ran over 400 tests at the proving ground before being tested with humans. The first passengers of the capsule were the co-founder of the company Josh Gigel and the director of the passenger service department Sara Luchian.

A two-seater XP-2 capsule was specially built for testing – the production car will accommodate up to 28 passengers, noted in Virgin Hyperloop. The scaled-down prototype was supposed to show the safety of this type of travel.


During testing, the capsule accelerated to 100 mph (about 160 km / h) in a 500-meter tunnel,The Verge points out . According to the forecast of Virgin Hyperloop, as a result, the capsule will be able to accelerate to 670 mph (more than 1000 km / h), but so far the company’s record, achieved in 2017, is 240 mph (386 km / h), the newspaper notes.

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