Vulnerability in iOS Prevents VPN from Encrypting All Traffic

A vulnerability affecting iOS 13.3.1 and later prevents VPN networks from encrypting all traffic. Because of this, some Internet connections bypass encryption, potentially endangering the data and IP addresses of users.

The bottom line is that iOS does not interrupt all existing connections when the user connects to the VPN, which allows him to reconnect to the target servers after installing the VPN tunnel. Connections created after connecting to a VPN on iOS are not affected by this error, but all previously established connections are not secure.

This can potentially lead to a user who believes that he is protected to accidentally light up his IP address and, therefore, an approximate location.


Screenshot from ProtonVPN showing open connections to Apple servers that need VPN protection

Apple already knows about this error and is actively working on a fix. As a workaround, it is recommended that you enable Airplane mode after the VPN session. [ MacRumors ]


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