“Wacky Future”: a journalist took a car in car sharing, lost her mobile connection and got stuck in the mountains of California

The thread on how you can lose access to the car while inside it.

Photo Kari Paul

Journalist The Guardian Kari Paul (Kari Paul) told on her twitter about how she went to travel around California, taking a car in car sharing. When she drove into the area without mobile communications, the car stopped working. Even after calling the tow truck, which drove her to the section of the road where there is communication, the control of the machine could not be returned. Then the car-sharing service offered her to spend the night in the forest and try to start a car the next morning.

Current problems in car-sharing services: our application, from which the car is running, has lost mobile communications on a mountainside in a California forest. Apparently, now I live here

It seems that my signal is not enough to start my only vehicle, but enough to live broadcast on Twitter about my problems, thank you for being with me, I will be here forever

Apparently, after 45 minutes or an hour, the tow truck will transport us down the road for three miles, where there is mobile communication, so that we can start the car. Wacky Future

Killing time reading a goat article in a local newspaper


Six hours later, two tow trucks and 20 calls to the support service, it turned out that the problem was in the software. The machine had to be rebooted before being used again

Well, everyone asks, so I’ll say this is a Gig car sharing service. The car has not yet been repaired, but we are still stuck three hours from home.

I can’t express in tweets how crazy it all was, but we are safe! After Gig suggested we spend the night in a car on the side of the road and try [start it] in the morning, we ourselves called a tow truck and returned to our Airbnb accommodation. I’ll tell you later if the money will be returned to us

We somehow managed to start the car, but now we are afraid to turn it off, because it may not start again. At Gig, we were told that we used all of our “reserved restarts,” so we are now literally on an endless journey through California

Not a bad outcome, but wow, I won’t forget it until the end of my days

Californian designer: “What do you mean by the phrase:“ No Internet connection? ”

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