Warren Buffett, 89-year-old billionaire and shareholder of Apple, has finally replaced a cheap clamshell phone with an iPhone

Tim Cook has long offered the shareholder to switch to Apple products. In 2020, this happened.

89-year-old billionaire Warren Buffett, who owns a 5.6% stake in Apple, told CNBC that he recently switched from the 2010 Samsung Haven clamshell phone to the iPhone 11.

“My cot has come to an end,” said Buffett, who until 2020 used the Samsung SCH-U320 for $ 20 (about 1,300 rubles). Buffett did not specify which iPhone 11 model he switched to.

The billionaire noted that he did not buy an iPhone, but received “a few pieces” as a gift, including from Apple CEO Tim Cook. In 2018, Cook said that he agreed to personally fly to Omaha and set up Buffett’s smartphone.

Despite the fact that the billionaire finally switched to a smartphone, he continues to use it only for calls. He also has an iPad, which he uses to search for information and check stock prices.

You are looking at a 89-year-old guy who has just begun to keep up with the times.

Warren Buffett

Apple billionaire and shareholder

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