“We are being sold broken and abandoned software”: players complained about problems after the release of Titanfall on Steam

Most users do not allow the game on the servers.

EA released the shooter Titanfall on Steam on November 20, six years after the original release. But the launch was unsuccessful: at the moment, user reviews are mostly negative, although only a few dozen players left their reviews.

Those who bought the game mostly complain about the same problems: audio problems and inability to connect to servers. And if many managed to “fix” the broken sound, then only a few were able to go beyond the main menu, because even training requires connection to the network, and the whole campaign consists of online matches on different maps.

The game on Steam is broken, I couldn’t play it at all.

I am constantly disconnected from the lobby. As soon as I invite a friend to the game, it crashes. Loses information about loaded maps.

It was a great game, but not now.

Steam user

Can’t start multiplayer on Steam version. The game says that I do not have all the card sets installed, although everything is fine with them. EA once again missed a chance to revive the online audience for this game.

Steam user
My favorite game in general.

Unfortunately, the sound doesn’t work, and nine out of ten times when I pressed the play button, I was thrown into the main menu. One time I was able to start a tutorial, which I went through with noise like interference playing instead of every sound. I restarted the game hoping it would help, but nothing worked.

Steam user

The servers are broken. I can’t go beyond the main menu, but it kicks me out of matchmaking. Even if I manage to start the matchmaking, the game says that I do not have DLC with maps, although Steam shows that I have all DLC installed.

Respawn and EA are essentially selling us broken and abandoned software on Steam. It’s a pity, because some things in Titanfall I liked more than in Titanfall 2.

Matoro Zeliph
Steam user

Pros: good training.


Wait for it to be fixed.

Steam user

Several netizens spoke about the possible cause of the problems with the servers , noting that such problems with the shooter arose even before the release in the Valve store and are not limited to the Steam version. Apparently, the point is a kind of bot that prevents the entrance to the lobby, making the game think that the player does not have the free DLC necessary to start the match.

This has actually been known since early 2019, when Titanfall on PC was only available on Origin. According to the players, the problem was caused by a hacker who launched a special script on the servers. Apparently, the developers did not solve this issue, and EA did not know about it or simply ignored it before releasing the shooter on Steam.

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