“We are making a film, in comparison with which“ Jack Reacher “is babble”: Christopher McQuarrie about working with Tom Cruise

The director of the last parts of the series “Mission Impossible”, for example, said that the continuation of “Jack Reacher” was to receive a rating of R.

Christopher McQuarrie, director of all parts of the Mission Impossible franchise, starting with The Outcast Tribe, and director of the first Jack Reacher, spoke about his work with Tom Cruise in an interview with Empire magazine.

So, he said that the films of the Jack Reacher series, according to his idea with Cruise, should have received an R rating – for viewers from 17 years old. The director wanted the film adaptation to reflect the cruelty contained in the original – a series of books by the English writer Lee Child.

However, after the first part, released in 2012, Christopher McQuarrie stopped working on films for Jack Reacher. The sequel was shot by another director, Edward Zwick – and after the failure of the second part in the rental franchise, he acquired Amazon, who decided to restart the franchise without Tom Cruise.

Now, as McQuarrie said, he is working on a film with Tom Cruise, in which the actor will play a character uncharacteristic for him. Apparently, the director did not mean the seventh and eighth part of “Mission Impossible,” which he must shoot, but a different picture. According to McQuarrie, there will also be violent scenes in it – so much so that his plans for Jack Reacher with an R rating seem to be compared with this “baby talk.”

Tom and I discussed this topic and came to the conclusion that the sequels of Jack Reacher would have come out after films like Deadpool and The Joker, which means we could have made them with a rating of R. We were completely ready to show all the brutality and the cruelty found in Reacher books.

But the franchise went its own way, and we went our own way. So now we have a different project. Reacher was an uncharacteristic character for Tom, and the new hero is even more different from his usual images. I hope that we will be able to realize this plan. Compared to him, everything we discussed about Jack Reacher is baby talk.

Christopher McQuarrie


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