“We Do Not Endure Such Behavior”: Dying Light 2 Creators Investigate Chris Avellone Accusations

On June 20, several girls from the gaming industry talked about their experiences with scriptwriter Chris Avellone, accusing him of harassment. The developer himself did not deny anything and publicly apologized to them, also turning to his fans – he asked them to leave him.

After that, Avellone did not write anything else on his Twitter, however, Techland Studio in a comment for Gamasutra said it had begun an investigation of the situation – now the company is working on Dying Light 2, and Avellone is the narrative designer of the game. He presented it at E3.

We treat sexual harassment with caution and do not tolerate such behavior. This applies to both employees and consultants, including Chris. Therefore, we are investigating the situation. Soon we will share more information.


Following Techland, the creators of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 also commented on Gamasutra. According to them, Avellone was involved in the script in the early stages of development, and now he has lost his time in the game.

After several girls accused Avellone of harassment, a screenshot of the developer’s correspondence with another girl also appeared on the network . It shows how the developer suddenly offers her oral sex, although she just asked him for advice on work.

This was commented on by various industry representatives including Danny O’Dwyer of Noclip, calling the situation “terrible.”


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