What a hundredfold zoom is capable of: checking the main feature of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Some call such a strong approximation useless, others call it a little intimidating, but the function will definitely be remembered.

February 11, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 Ultra – the flagship model of the line. Unlike the S20 and S20 +, the phone received a 100x zoom: according to the company, the device uses a combination of optics and digital AI processing for this.

This feature has become the main distinguishing feature of the S20 Ultra – such an approximation has not yet been announced in popular smartphones. In 2019, there was already a Huawei P30 Pro with a “periscope” camera, but even there, the maximum digital zoom was 50x. Therefore, journalists and bloggers, having received the S20 Ultra, immediately began to experience the function.

As a result, opinions roughly converged: a hundredfold zoom really works, allowing you to view from the phone what is not possible with the human eye. Another thing is how useful this feature is. The author of Android Central called this approach “a little scary, but almost useless” if the owner of the phone is not going to follow someone.

During testing already at 5x zoom level of detail allowed me to look into someone’s balcony. Theoretically, owners of the S20 Ultra can look into the windows of apartments. Most people do not follow others, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra – like any phone with a similar approximation – eases this task compared to a DSLR camera.

Nirav Godia

author of Android Central

CNet noted that a hundredfold zoom is only suitable for demonstrating the technological capabilities of a smartphone. And the Slashgear editor came to the conclusion that such an approximation is fun, but in fact it is worth paying attention to the quality of the 10x zoom, which was also praised by other journalists.

10x zoom

But in social networks, they were still more interested in a hundredfold zoom. Therefore, the owners of smartphones began to share examples, comparing the standard camera and the maximum zoom.

In the pictures you can see. that you can, for example, see people on a bridge that is very far away. Moreover, the quality of parts, of course, is greatly deteriorating. Some journalists complained that it’s difficult to handle a hundredfold zoom even when using a tripod.

Argentinean journalist Federico Ini demonstrated the power of zoom with an airplane flying through the sky.

Ice Universe techno blogger noted that with a hundredfold zoom, digital optimization for areas with text is preserved. Even if during the shooting it seems that the labels are blurry, the letters can be distinguished in the final image.

Twitter noted that this works even with captions that are not visible at all in the “normal” shooting mode.

Some journalists have shown the operation of the zoom using videos.

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