What Apple showed at WWDC-2020 – briefly and clearly about the main announcements

From widgets and light versions of applications in iOS 14 to the updated macOS and the transition to their processors.

On June 22, Apple began its first ever online developer conference, where it made several new announcements.  led the live broadcast, and now tells shown as briefly as possible.

iOS 14

When: for developers – now, beta – in July 2020, for all – in the fall

For which devices: for iPhone 6S and later

  • In iOS, they redesigned the look of the home screen and implemented widgets. They can be placed next to application icons and folders, as well as customized for you;
  • iOS 14 will be able to automatically sort applications into thematic categories. All applications can also be viewed in one list, so as not to flip them page by page;

The Apple Translate application appears with simultaneous translation. Already at the start there will be 11 languages, including Russian. The service will work without a network connection, according to Apple, ensuring confidentiality;

  • Apple has completed a complete redesign of Siri. The voice assistant will no longer occupy the whole screen and, for example, when you request an application, immediately go to it. Siri can also send audio messages now;

The “picture in picture” mode allows you to watch video on top of other applications. The roller can be minimized into a small window and do other things;

  • Now it will be possible to instantly launch light versions of applications without downloading. AppClips will allow, for example, to use the service of a cafe or bike rental, if there is no possibility or desire to install the application completely;

The CarKey function allows you to open cars with digital keys instead of the usual ones – through the iPhone or Apple Watch via NFC. The first to support the feature will be the latest BMW i5. Technology will become available in 2021;

  • Latitude will be able to support third-party devices and accessories, which should help in finding lost Apple devices and other items. The company noted that the data is protected by end-to-end encryption;
  • In iMessage, you can pin contacts or conversations, as well as replies to certain messages. Now you can mention a specific user and build conversations in the conversation. Memoji updated – there are more of them;
  • New details will appear in Apple Maps, search for interesting places and guides for tourists from local experts. In Russia, most map updates are most likely to be unavailable;

We talked more about iOS 14 in a separate note.

iPadOS 14

When: for developers – now, beta – next month, for all – in the fall

For which devices: iPad Air 2 or later, all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation or later and iPad mini 4 or later.

  • The system will receive all updates implemented in iOS 14;
  • Like iOS 14, in iPadOS14 an incoming call no longer takes up a full screen. Now it is displayed as a small notification;

Scribble handwritten notes: when using Apple Pencil, the system itself translates this into typewritten text. It is proposed in this way to respond to messages or search for something in the browser. The resulting handwritten text can also be highlighted or inserted into other documents;

  • The “Handwritten” function allows you to alternate English and Chinese words without switching between languages;

The interface “Photos”, “Music” and “Calendar” even more adapted for the iPad. For example, in “Music”, in one click, when you turn on the track, both the menu for control and the lyrics will appear;

  • Universal search by device and network. To run the application, it is enough to conduct a query in a line. You can also find documents, contacts or location information;

ARKit 4 got the opportunity to more accurately estimate the distance to objects using the LiDAR sensor in iPad Pro 2020. Developers will be able to use it in applications, for example, to try on clothes or to evaluate how the new color looks on the wall;

  • When called, Siri appears in the right corner of the screen, and not in the center. And it does not occupy the entire screen, as before.

Headphone firmware

  • Headphones can now switch between Apple devices in use. For example, when you start watching a movie on an iPhone and end on a Mac. The feature will be available to owners of AirPods Pro, AirPods (2nd generation), Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro. A valid iCloud account is required;
  • AirPods Pro also got a spatial audio feature that Apple compared to movie theater sound. Headphones have learned to direct sound depending on the position of the head in space and the movements of the user.

watchOS 7

When: for developers – today, beta (for the first time) – next month, for all – in the fall

For which devices: Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5. When used with iPhone 6s or later. With iOS 14 or later

  • Now you can add even more supporters of data sources to the dials;
  • The Apple Watch user will be able to place several extensions from the same application on the dial if the developer adds this feature;
  • The device will be able to automatically recognize whether its owner is washing his hands – by movements and sounds. After that, the watch starts with a 20-second timer: if you finish washing your hands earlier, the device will ask you to complete the procedure to the end;
  • Dials can now be downloaded from the App Store, via a link from the site or from social networks. They can be shared, including from device to device. The feature was called FaceSharing;
  • The Activity application, where all the basic data is collected, was renamed to Fitness;
  • Built-in sleep mode, synchronized between Apple Watch and iPhone. The devices will tell you about the approach of sleep, after which the screen will begin to darken. The watch will be able to recognize whether a person is sleeping or not, and calculate the duration of sleep. A weekly trend chart appears.


  • A separate screen will display information about what information this or that application collects and what data the service can use to track the user;

With the device on iOS 14, it will be possible to share not the exact geolocation, only the approximate location. This should help avoid harassment;

Smart Home or HomeKit

  • Apple has announced that it is working on a universal smart home standard with many other companies, including Amazon, Google, IKEA, and Comcast;
  • The iOS app will feature adaptive lighting, widgets for tracking an apartment. Face recognition will appear on HomeKit cameras, which will sync with the gallery on your devices. For example, when you ring the door, you can automatically find out who came;

tvOS 14 and Apple TV

    • Empowering Apple TV as part of the “smart home”;
    • Switch between multiple accounts without losing progress in applications and games;
    • Support for Xbox Elite Controller;
    • Apple showed the trailer for the TV series “Foundation” for Apple TV + based on Isaac Asimov’s books.

macOS Big Sur

When: for developers – now, beta in July, for all – in the fall

For which devices: the list can be viewed at the “bottom” of the page by this link ;

  • The new macOS – with the prefix Big Sur. The operating system received the largest update since the release of the 10th version;
  • All icons were redrawn, the control center was completely updated, more interactive notifications and widgets of different sizes can now be displayed in the notification center;
  • Apple claims that Safari is now running an average of 50% faster than Chrome. The browser start page can be personalized using the background, reading list and tabs;
  • New privacy measures: the user will be able to decide which sites and under what scenarios these or other Safari extensions can work with. Apple claims that even the company itself cannot recognize passwords;
  • Safari has a built-in translator from seven languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German and Portuguese;
  • Safari now fits more tabs, and you can preview the page by hovering over it.

We wrote about the new operating system in more detail:

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Intel abandoning in favor of its processors

  • Tim Cook called the incident “historic day for the Mac.” The company switched to its own processors, abandoning Intel;
  • Apple intends to implement unique features for the Mac, but use a common architecture for all products;
  • The first Macs with Apple processors will be available at the end of the year, and developers will be able to get the devkit for adapting applications in June.

We wrote about this in detail:

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