What happened to the cat the woman screamed at: a dramatic comic book based on one of the main memes of the year

A Twitter user in four parts told a story about the loss of a cat-meme with unexpected plot twists.

The picture with women screaming at the puzzled cat is one of the main memes of the year (and in September recognized him as the best for the whole of 2019). One of the main factors of this popularity is the versatility of the meme, which was embodied in various variations, including art and flash mobs.

In early December, an artist under the nickname Unfin began to publish a comic book based on the meme. The first part became popular after a dramatic drama unusual for a joke – the heroine, who usually screams at the cat, realizes that he is no longer there, and embarks on his search.

In total, Unfin published four parts, inventing new plot twists and giving meme depth. Users of social networks began to wait for each new release, and after the release of the next part they wondered what would happen to the cat in the end. On December 22, Unfin finished the comic – We brings it in its entirety.

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