What Nintendo Showed at Animal Crossing: New Horizons Presentation

Island for Eight, Museum and Home on Mortgages: The game will be released on March 20 and will receive a free update on the day of release.

Nintendo divided the presentation on Animal Crossing: New Horizons into three parts: a reminder of the main features of the game, a show of upcoming updates and answers to questions.

Gameplay Features Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will live on a desert island – you can choose it in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The island will dynamically change the seasons.

Depending on the season, the game will change activity – for example, in the summer you can catch insects, and in the autumn – pick mushrooms.

For training and assistance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a nukofon with a camera and a map, an island transfer conducted by the mayor, and a miles accumulation program will be available – they can be spent both on in-game items and on trips between the islands.

Each character will initially live in a tent with a customizable interior, but he will be able to build his own house.

In total, up to eight characters can live on one island – all eight profiles can be created on one Switch. At the same time, up to four people can play on the island, one of which will be the leader. You can change the leader at any time.

Upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updates

  • Additional buildings: museum, furniture store, studio, camping
  • Extension of assortment in the service bureau
  • Guest tournaments – for example, a fishing competition
  • The ability to build roads and bridges, as well as change terrain – mountains and rivers. To do this, you need to get special “licenses”
  • The game will receive free updates – on the day of release in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they will add the update “Hare Day”

Answers on questions

  • You can use amiibo figures in the game
  • Shovels and axes, with which you can change the relief of the island, can only be used by best friends
  • There will be no cloud saves, but Nintendo will launch a service to restore saves if the consoles are lost or broken

Nintendo Direct full entry on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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