What the new iOS 14 desktop might look like

In the code of iOS 14 found information about the new Home screen . In it, all applications are displayed in a list.

Screenshots of the new desktop were not uploaded anywhere, because at the moment these are just lines of code. However, designers have already released several concepts, and they are quite realistic.

Designer Parker Ortolani believes that a complete list of applications will fit perfectly into Spotlight search. Now only those programs recommended by Siri are shown there.

Applications can be sorted into categories. The corresponding buttons are on top. Folders will not go anywhere either: they will turn into drop-down lists.

Edition Ispazio released its concept, which resembles a listing on watchOS applications. In the upper right corner there is a switch between display modes. Next to it is a sort button and a search bar.

Ispazio designers believe that Apple can make the list more useful if additional information is displayed under the name of the application. This can be the number of unread notifications, the next meeting and memorable photos.

So far, these are just concepts. There is no guarantee that the list of applications will ever appear in iOS 14. Apple may change its plans at any time.

We will learn more information at the WWDC conference, which usually takes place in early June. [ 9to5Mac ]


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