What they write in the Xbox Series X | S reviews: praise Quick Resume, criticize the lack of exclusives

Series S confirmed SSD with 364 GB of free space.

On November 5, the embargo on the publication of reviews of Xbox Series X and Series S – Microsoft’s next generation consoles – lifted. We have already published our own , and studied the opinions of foreign colleagues who received both versions for review in order to choose the main thing from their texts.

In Xbox Series S reviews, most critics praise the younger console for its compactness and price, but point out that these advantages come at a price.

Unlike the larger Series X, Series S looks great in any position in my opinion. And it also fits easily into any TV cabinet – it feels like this console was created so that it fits in any living room, and does not overwhelm it like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The verge

Due to the small amount of RAM, Series S runs Xbox One S versions of games rather than the more powerful One X. The backwards compatible version of Control, like many others, runs at a target resolution below 1080p on the One S, so and on Series S without additional patch they will work the same.


The new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla runs at reduced frame rates, just like on older consoles, although Microsoft claims the [Series S] can do more. Otherwise, the Series S interface looks identical to the Series X, games launch just as fast, and the console itself looks more elegant.

Jason Schreier for Bloomberg

The Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive and only supports digital games. At the same time, of the 500 GB indicated on the box, only 364 GB are available to the user on the SSD.

Fast downloads are great, but I feel that for most people, the Xbox Series S will not have a lot of free space.

Only 354 GB is available to the user. I installed six games and I almost ran out of space, with only Call of Duty Warzone and Destiny 2 taking up 100GB each. Even if we assume that typical AAA projects take about 50 GB, then a maximum of seven games will fit.

The verge

Nevertheless, the quality of SSD Series S is in no way inferior to the older version. Both consoles are praised for their Quick Resume feature, which lets you switch between multiple games without leaving them. Actually, for this function to work, 100 GB is reserved on the internal drive, which in the case of the small SSD Series S feels stronger than on the Series X with a 1 TB drive.


Quick Resume allows you to switch between multiple games without closing them, but simply paused in the background. Games will launch quickly even after restarting the console, so if you turn off the Series S, go to sleep, and turn the console back on in the morning, you can return to all minimized games from the moment you left off. Quick Resume and fast downloads in general make the Series S feel like something of a new generation even though it doesn’t support 4K.


Microsoft sells memory expansion cards from its Seagate partner, while only one 1TB option is available for $ 220. On the card itself, 920 GB is available, part of the space on it is also reserved for Quick Resume.

The verge

The design of the Series X was received positively – many say that outwardly they liked the console more than the PS5.


The Xbox Series X design has been unfairly criticized for being unwieldy, unsophisticated, and even ugly. But when you compare it to the even bigger PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X definitely looks a lot better.


Most of the criticism of the family of new consoles from Microsoft has received due to the lack of exclusive new games. Xbox Game Pass and backward compatibility give you access to a lot of great games, but it’s not clear to everyone why buying a new console for that.


When choosing a console to buy at the beginning of a generation, you need to think about its capabilities and potential. This is especially important for the new Xbox, because now it only makes sense to buy them for those who want to play on the most powerful consoles possible, or for those who have not bought a console in the past ten years and want to catch up.

Jason Schreier

However, for older games and multiplatform, the Xbox Series X is a great option. Powerful hardware allows you to “pull” any games in 4K with HDR, and in some 60 fps (AC: Valhalla) or ray tracing (WD: Legion) are available.


I played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and it felt like it was running on a PC. If you pay attention to specs and want 60 fps to play games but can’t afford a gaming PC, this is a good compromise.

Jason Schreier


The Series X can do everything a decent gaming PC can do, but in a more convenient and compact package. But do you need it right now? There are no particularly attractive exclusives yet, so it is difficult to give a definite answer to this question.


Xbox Series X and Series S will launch on November 10 and are already available for pre-order in most countries around the worl

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