What to take: PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Comparison in detail

The next generation consoles will hit the market in November.Pre-orders – September 22, release – November 10.
Previous leaks were confirmed: both Microsoft consoles will be released on November 10 – for 299 euros and 499 euros in Europe for the junior and senior model. Pre-orders will begin to be accepted on September 22.
In addition, Microsoft has confirmed that both new consoles will be available under the All-Access program – that is, on a lease basis for a fixed monthly fee. In Pakistan, this has not yet been confirmed, but our partners provide a similar service.The network has information about, presumably, the technical specifications of the new generation of consoles – PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X – for developers. There are not many differences, by the way, but they are.

It’s time to start thinking about selling old consoles and choosing new ones. From year to year, the question does not change: what to buy – Xbox or PlayStation?

It would seem that Sony should definitely win, as it has been for many years in a row and to which everyone is accustomed. But in reality, everything is a little more complicated. We understand the hardware and the starting line of games. It will be hot.


Let’s skip the stage with the choice of appearance. It’s still taste, everyone has their own preferences.

Let’s move on to the more functional part of the design.

▪️ Xbox Series X: 301 x 151 x 151 мм
▪️ Xbox Series S: 275 х 150 х 65 мм

▪️ PlayStation 5 with disk drive: 390 x 104 x 260 mm
▪️ PlayStation 5 without disk drive: 390 x 92 x 260 mm


PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X

But how do you place the console depending on the cooling?

PlayStation 5 : The PlayStation 5 comes with a stand for vertical or horizontal placement. It all depends on your preferences, since the cooling system is located on the sides and back.

Xbox Series X : The Xbox Series X has feet on the bottom and left side edges, so the console can be installed in any position without additional accessories. However, it is preferable to place it vertically , since air is taken in from below and expelled from above. This may cause insufficient space under the TV for proper cooling.

Xbox Series S : For Xbox Series S, the situation is somewhat different: it is better to place the device horizontally , since hot air is emitted through the grilles on the right and left.


With the cooling sorted out. Now let’s move on to the technical aspect. Here, too, not everything is clear.

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Sony revealed the characteristics of the PlayStation 5 after the Xbox Series X. The console will receive a built-in SSD 825 GB 

Microsoft revealed all the characteristics of the Xbox Series X

Purely nominally, the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PlayStation 5 both graphically and in terms of the processor. But it all depends on the quality of game optimization.

A recent live example: Crysis Remastered, which runs on a top-end RTX 3080 with a frequency of about 40 FPS, but at the same time has frequent drawdowns of up to 20-25 FPS.

The characteristics themselves are lower.

PlayStation 5 (with or without drive) :

▪️ Processor: AMD Zen2, 8 cores, up to 3.5 GHz
▪️ Graphics: AMD RDNA 2 (36 blocks), 2.23 GHz, 10.23 TFLOPS
▪️ RAM: 16 GB GDDR6
▪️ SSD: 825 GB, 5.5 GB / sec (up to 9 GB / sec when loading textures with compression)

Xbox Series X:

▪️ Processor: AMD Zen2, 8 cores, up to 3.6-3.8 GHz
▪️ Graphics: AMD RDNA 2 (52 units), 1.8 GHz, 12.15 TFLOPS
▪️ RAM: 16 GB GDDR6
▪️ SSD: 1 TB , 2.4 GB / s (up to 4.8 GB / s when loading textures with compression)

Xbox Series S:

▪️ Processor: AMD Zen2, 8 cores, up to 3.4-3.6 GHz
▪️ Graphics: AMD RDNA 2 (20 blocks), 1.57 GHz, 4 TFLOPS
▪️ RAM: 10 GB GDDR6
▪️ SSD: 512 GB, 2.4 GB / sec (up to 4.8 GB / sec when loading textures with compression)

However, it is too early to draw any conclusions. The developers can turn off a number of effects on the PlayStation 5, but leave them on the Series X, due to which the overall performance may be higher with the curling iron than with the Xbox.

And with different SSD speeds, developers can actually equal the loading speed of levels and textures. Or the difference will be minimal.

It will become clearer when the first multi-platform projects are released. Only they will show the difference in the potential of the consoles.

On the other hand, there are questions about the choice between the PlayStation 5 without a drive and the Xbox Series S. Curling iron has exactly the same characteristics as the version with a floppy drive, but Series S is weaker than the older model . However, Microsoft promises that the overall performance will remain the same, but for a resolution no higher than 2K.

Connectors and wireless

Here the difference is minimal, but for some, Wi-Fi 6 may be critical.

Xbox Series X|S:

▪️ HDMI 2.1
▪️ 3 USB-A 3.1 (two front, one back)
▪️ Gigabit Ethernet connector
▪️ Port for proprietary memory cards
▪️ Wi-Fi 5 GHz (802.11ac)

PlayStation 5:

▪️ HDMI 2.1
▪️ 3 USB-A 3.1 (two front, one back)
▪️ USB-C 3.1 on the front panel
▪️ Gigabit Ethernet connector
▪️ Internal slot for NVMe SSD
▪️ Wi-Fi 6
▪️ Bluetooth 5.1

And in the latter case, the console from Sony wins. Due to the presence of Wi-Fi 6 , great connection stability is provided. In terms of data transfer rates, it does not critically differ from Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

However, this wi-fi may be faster because slightly different frequencies are used, and this reduces the amount of interference from the router to the console.


This is where things get a lot more interesting. Companies have approached building controllers in very different ways.

Xbox Series X | S : As noted by various publications, the updated Xbox Controller is slightly different from the old model . It is slightly smaller and lighter. The shape of the cross has changed, a button for screenshots and recording of game clips has been added to the front panel, and a textured surface has appeared on the triggers.

Input lag has dropped from 8ms to “significantly less digits” when connected wirelessly. There is no specific data yet. The gamepad runs on two AA batteries.

PlayStation 5 : Sony has completely redesigned the DualSense gamepad. The developers used advanced vibration motors, created a variable resistance force for the hammers (so you can, for example, feel the tension of the bowstring).

Due to this, the player will be able to distinguish not only game objects, but also surfaces in the same races. You will definitely feel: driving on asphalt or on mud or snow.

In terms of weight, the DualSense is still lighter than the Xbox Controller: 278 grams versus 289 grams with batteries.

But again, the convenience of the new controllers is still in question. Yes, Sony has made it more innovative, but these “tricks” will only work in exclusives, and it’s not a fact that they will really be useful to you. We have to look at what will come of it.

Backward compatibility and games at launch

Here the advantage is undeniably in favor of Microsoft.

Xbox Series X : Xbox Series consoles support all games from Xbox to Xbox One.

Moreover, Microsoft said that some projects from the current generation of consoles will receive patches-improvements for a more comfortable game on new products. The technology is called Smart Delivery.

However, it all depends on the developers. The company does not enforce, but recommends using this option. It allows you to get graphical improvements from old to new generation games for free.

Xbox Series Starter Lineup
PlayStation 5 : PlayStation 5 only works with PlayStation 4 projects . But about technical improvements – everything again depends on the developers.

While Sony promises over 100 optimized games at launch, many companies may not adhere to this policy. So, The Witcher 3 will be released with improved graphics and ray tracing for free, but the same Control will have to be bought again in the Ultimate Edition for next generation consoles with all DLCs.

PlayStation 5 Starter Lineup
But it’s worth keeping in mind the Xbox Game Pass as well. This subscription allows you to run all modern games. Even on the day of release. Plus, it supports games from the older generation of consoles. And all this at no extra cost.

Xbox Series X : Xbox Series consoles will be released in Pakistan on November 10. Cost 100,349.51 Pakistani Rupee . and 58,891.79 Pakistani Rupees. respectively.

PlayStation 5 : PlayStation 5 with and without a drive will be released in Pakistan on November 19. Cost 102,551.13 Pakistani Rupee . and 82,913.26 Pakistani Rupee . respectively.

Which one to buy

Now, making a choice between consoles is problematic . In the future, the PlayStation 5 still has more interesting exclusives, although not much, while the Xbox games will be available on Windows as well.

For me personally, this is even a plus. Some projects are more convenient to play with the keyboard and mouse, but this does not have support on consoles (or these are incredible crutches).

On the Microsoft side, games with a focus on graphics and low input lag. Even on the junior console, albeit at a slightly lower resolution. Plus, Game Pass with the option not to buy most AAA titles for full price.

On the subject : I saved 87,279.42 Pakistani Rupeeon games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription Review

Sony has focused on single player campaigns with more detailed elaboration . Plus, PlayStation Plus Collection library with improved 18 exclusives.

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