Wheels for $ 400 for the new Apple Mac Pro were no brakes

In December 2019, Apple began accepting orders for previously announced Mac Pro computers. The computer is powerful, the case is heavy. Among the accessories, in addition to the $ 1,000 stand for Pro Display XDR monitors, there were also branded wheels for the Mac Pro. The top of engineering, as it turned out, has a slight flaw – it has no stoppers.

fThe popular MKBHD blogger conducted a $ 400 wheel test and test and concluded that in some cases, the Apple computer might roll away. For example, if you do not have a beautiful and fleecy carpet, the wheels will do what they are intended to do – spinning. This will require a little effort, and any cat will cope.

But None Joni Ive got involved in the matter , who proposed an elegant solution – shoes like the train at a price of $ 999 per unit.

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