Why are you so full of holes? Overview of the Honor View 20 smartphone with a 48 megapixel camera

There are such smartphones – we call them “leaky” in the news. After the “old new” slider, this is the second attempt by phone manufacturers to stretch the display to the entire front panel by doing something with the front camera. Today, our guest is one of the first such devices – with a neat “hole” in the screen, breathtaking performance and a bargain price. Meet Honor View 20 .

AliExpress and markers

Design View 20 definitely will not leave anyone indifferent. The Honor novelty is different from everything we used to see. That’s just not everyone will like it. It’s just about the device, which before buying is strongly recommended to watch live and twist in your hands.

Doubt is caused by the design of the back panel. Even during the presentation, it was clear that the manufacturer is very proud of the design of the smartphone. All these iridescent shades, darkened ends, gradient patterns with a hint of the letter V … We interviewed several people in the office – opinions were divided equally.

Someone was almost delighted and unequivocally quoted a bold and vivid decision. Others remembered the holographic rulers from the distant past and the “rich” cases from AliExpress for a dollar for a dozen. At the same time, not a single person shrugged, saying that the telephone and the telephone, like everyone else. In any case, he will cause emotions, but which ones?

At the same time, a survey on the street showed that View 20 passers-by unconditionally like. To our surprise, no one complained about the design – all these overflows of gradients left only a positive impression. Well, then the manufacturer knows what he is doing.

The controversial panel, by the way, is glass, and the frame is aluminum. The tray at the top of the left sidewall holds a pair of nanoSIM cards. There is no place for a memory card, but it is hardly necessary for a smartphone with 256 GB of internal memory. Below is a monaural speaker, a USB-C connector and a microphone. On the right is a standard set of volume and power buttons.

But on the upper end everything is more interesting. Since the display is huge, almost from edge to edge, there is no room for sensors and a speaker. Therefore, the light sensor was moved to the upper edge, where it was located next to the second microphone and infrared sensor. There was also a place for a 3.5 mm audio jack. The speaker grill managed to hide exactly in the “pie” layer between the frame and the display.

There is also a fingerprint sensor. To owners of too short fingers it may seem that it is placed a little high. The pianists are just right. Gropes and works with a bang – instantly.

Above is a block with cameras. The main 48-megapixel sensor is a little off and protrudes one and a half millimeters from the body. The auxiliary sensor is adjacent to the LED flash.

The display is covered with a whole layer of films. We remove the advertising information immediately. We also recommend that you remove the protective one. Firstly, without it, looking at the display is more fun. Secondly, on our copy it was glued somehow crookedly. Thirdly, without a film, the phone lies much better in the hand, without touching the fingers with a sharp edge.

But we haven’t touched upon the main “trick” of View 20 yet – its “leakyness”.

Leaky Display

Along with the design of the back panel, the manufacturer focuses on the display. View 20 is the first smartphone on the market with a “leaky” screen. We survived the “monobrow”, somewhere “flew” flashed for an instant, the dead slider format shyly appeared, and here is a new solution. It turns out that the front camera can be entered directly into the display in the form of a neat little eye. Of all the options, this one looks as harmonious as possible – since the front camera is so needed, then at least it doesn’t bother.

But why is the indentation wider below? Perfectionists are indignant!

With a relatively modest (taking into account modern trends) dimensions of the smartphone (157 × 75 × 8.1 mm), the screen diagonal reaches an impressive 6.4 inches. Resolution – 1080 × 2310, matrix type – OLED. Although stop, wait a minute …

At first, we were absolutely sure that we had before us an OLED display. Very bright, juicy, with deep black. Doubts arose when they did not see the greenish hue familiar to technology on a white background. How so? Is OLED finally finalized so that the advantages of this type of matrix remain, and get rid of the shortcomings?

Everything turned out to be simpler and more surprising: View 20 is equipped not with an OLED, but with an IPS screen! This is very cool, because when you look at it, you really get the confidence that you have a fashionable, bright, youth OLED. On the other hand, lovers of a more natural color can return the display to the IPS-specific muted shades.

The View 20 screen leaves the most positive impression. But we carefully searched for what to complain about, and found! They took the iPhone Xr with one of the coolest IPS displays to date and twisted it in their hands. So, on a black fill, the iPhone screen when you change the viewing angle other than the direct one, becomes slightly grayish, and the View 20 matrix goes into purple.

In general, looking at such a display is pleasant. True, I customized the screen to my personal preferences so that it looked more like a classic IPS. But many people like bright colors no less.

Photos & Camera Comparison

Hardware and software

View 20 also has full ordering. The top-end Kirin 980, which first appeared in the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro, works as a heart. The RAM can be 6 or 8 GB, and the built-in – 128 or 256 GB. We had the most “fat” modification. It is impossible to get lags from such a configuration. We did not see them.

A memory card, as already noted, cannot be inserted because there is no corresponding slot. Instead, you can use a pair of nanoSIM. View 20 runs on Android 9 with a proprietary shell called Magic. However, in reality, it is not much different from the usual EMUI. Unless your own set of wallpapers.

It is worth noting that there is no full-fledged unlocking of the face with the construction of its virtual “cast”. Apparently, the developers first want to see how people will accept the model with one “hole” in the form of a front camera. For more serious face recognition, you need an adult system. In general, at night the phone will not recognize you in 9 cases out of 10. In good light, everything is more correct and faster, but … In this case, a fingerprint sensor seems to be a more preferable choice.

The 4000 mAh battery allows you to use your smartphone without recharging for two days. It’s about the standard mode for most, that is, after you play enough with the new product. It is unfortunate that there is no wireless charging. Well, at least they brought a quick one.

48 megapixels!

Well, how can you do here without exclamation points? Here is a slender phone with a thickness of 8 mm, in which a camera with 48 megapixels was installed! According to the manufacturer, true, without interpolation. We adopted the latest Sony IMX586 sensor, which is not used anywhere else. Further on the novelty will tell the photographer Onliner Vlad Borisevich.

This is a fairly large sensor (more than 1 / 1.7 in the Huawei P10 Pro and Mate 20), close to the physical maximum, until the market begins to flirt with the design of periscope lenses.

Technically, this is a 12 megapixel sensor with large pixels consisting of four small pixels of red, blue and green filters. But Sony engineers (incidentally, at the forefront of the development of photosensitive matrices) found a compromise: if there is enough light, the software algorithm “pulls” pixels through one and recounts the picture with detail four times as large. In philosophical terms, this is the very first, almost technical, interpolation. And frankly speaking – all the same a compromise, albeit a very high-quality one, is closer to engineering, not marketing.

In the dark, “large pixels” are able to collect more light and filter out noise, while a powerful photon flux during the day allows you to knock out additional resolution in fine details, because the signal-to-noise ratio has become much higher and allows you to “slip through” a smaller pixel sieve. Fujifilm Super CCD EXR matrices worked in a similar way.

Marketing 48 megapixels work, but for the vast majority of “standard” scenarios, 12 megapixels is enough for the eyes. Moreover, in this form, the smartphone works great in twilight and darkness, in almost all cases bypasses the iPhone and fights with the flagship from Samsung. Yes, 48 ​​megapixels give more detail when approaching, but such an option is rarely needed.

In any case, this sensor is another hope for mobile photography, because it moves along the progress line of the dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio, which is traditionally a weak point of modern camera phones. You should also expect that the camera in this phone will be more expensive for the battery, because the issue of reading a signal from 48 megapixels and software juggling with these data is an increased load task. However, for typical photos where high resolution may be required, this scenario is quite applicable.

Ah yes, on the back panel two eyes are visible. The Time of Flight camera measures the distance to the object, taking into account the speed of emission and absorption of light (this is somewhere within one 10 billionth of a second). With its help, the position of objects in space is determined very accurately and separating an object from the background is simple.



It’s difficult to choose 20 competitors for View. Just because in each case a person will consider those factors that are important primarily for him. For example, for someone, the design and / or the “leaky” display will be decisive. In this case, the device has no rivals yet. In the first place is the price? Then it’s still harder. Officially, View 20 is not going to be sold with us. In China, they ask for $ 580 for the most “fat” modification of 8/256 GB, in Russia – $ 100 more, . Well, let’s build on this price.

Samsung Galaxy S9 +

One of the most dangerous rivals. On the side of the smartphone there is a more recognizable brand, top status, cool headphones in the kit, a very decent camera, dust and moisture protection, a slot for a memory card. The View 20 has a larger display, a more modern processor, higher autonomy and a slightly lower price.

OnePlus 6T

 Almost analogue to View 20 in terms of technical specifications and capabilities. The camera is probably better, but this issue needs to be carefully studied. The design is more modest, and instead of a hole in the screen – a drop. In our conditions, the cost of the OnePlus 6T is again a bit higher.


Honor View 20 is a surprisingly well-packed smartphone in every sense, which for some reason they decided not to bring to . We think that at a price comparable to the Russian one, the model could become a hit and attract both those who value appearance and those who choose devices for filling. Our conclusions are as follows:

  • smartphone design for everybody. But a survey of people showed that there are many lovers of this design;
  • “Leaky” display is the best solution to date, allowing you to use the front camera and flaunt a huge screen “from edge to edge”;
  • cameras have long ceased to be breakthrough. But evolution has reached a point where you can easily compare flagship camera phones with more affordable phones, looking for the difference with a magnifying glass;
  • a lot of productivity is good, there will be a reserve for the future.
9 Total Score
Egadget Rating

Honor View 20 is a full-fledged and bright flagship smartphone, the relatively low cost of which the manufacturer seems to be trying to adjust with the help of compromises. We gave you the bomb hardware, but left it without wireless charging. They put a cool display, but forgot about protection from dust and moisture. They installed an excellent camera, but regretted the stereo speakers.

  • Display
  • Camera
  • Price in China and even in Russia
  • Performance
  • No wireless charging
  • No dust and moisture protection
  • No stereo speakers
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