Why did the “unfaithful guy” look at the girl in red: a comic book based on the famous meme about relationships

From the author of a dramatic comic about a missing cat that a woman screamed at. And here, too, there were some twists.

21-year-old Damien Cho is an online artist of Swiss-Korean descent. He took the pseudonym Unfins, which is short for Unfinished stories – because of the constant fear of abandoning one idea or another for the comic book. His main work, “Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell”, has been nominated in the category “Best Humor” of the Ringo comic book culture award in 2019.

But in recent months, Unfins has become more famous as a person who brings memes to comics, adding story and drama patterns to jokes. In December, Damien published four parts of a comic strip of a woman screaming at a disgruntled cat – the work became popular on the net and gathered a lot of positive reviews.

What happened to the cat the woman was screaming at …Twitter user in four parts told a story about the loss of a cat-meme with unexpected …

This time, Cho took on another classic meme – the ” unfaithful guy .” Unlike the cat, the “unfaithful guy” is known for its great variability: the meme is based on a series of stock photos with a guy and two girls, and a combination of pictures led to a variety of stories.

For Valentine’s Day, Unfins offered his view on the 2017 template. Like the last time, he filled the comic with plot twists that change the idea of ​​a meme.

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