Why is the picture about screaming women and a puzzled cat the best meme of the year now

 jokes and templates can be funny, but you don’t especially get attached to them, because the next template is already approaching. At some point, you understand that situations and characters will inevitably be repeated. You have already seen all this and are already just waiting for the next.

But then a new hero appeared in the city. And he is very annoyed that you blame him for something. The picture with the puzzled cat and the women screaming at him did not seem to be something outstanding, but turned into a phenomenon. For me, this is the best meme of the year by the end of September – and now I will explain why.

It is universal and recognizable.

We already told the story of the meme. In short: in fact, the two parts of the picture are not connected in any way. The shot on the left is an excerpt from the show “Real Housewives Beverly Hills.” The frame on the right is a picture of Tumblr with a cat in front of a plate of vegetables with the caption “he does not like vegetables.”

Meme: Two women yell at a puzzled cat for …Social networks combined two random pictures and show how the reaction to unreasonable looks …

And in May, users of social networks decided that the two pictures fit perfectly together. They were not mistaken.

The picture reflects the specific situation – dissatisfaction with unfounded accusations. The vital and universal scene is related by a meme to the still popular “unfaithful guy.” Who has not encountered this? Or just with moments where everything seems to be against you. This is a situation more or less understandable to everyone, and a cat is an ideal illustration of how we respond to injustice.

Recognizability of the memo is also given by characteristic heroes. Both emotional girls and a disgruntled cat are easy to remember. I am sure you will see their silhouette in this photo with ordinary batteries without any problems. As previously seen throughout Loss, Goatse or a girl with five guys.

It is diverse

At first, the meme was used as standard: they took a picture, came up with a suitable situation, signed somehow on top. Simple design for a straightforward template. Here is a typical example.

I meow loudly at the cat so that she answers me / my cat

If the Internet only came up with signature options for the same picture, then it would quickly become boring. And then “folk art” came into play – users of Reddit and social networks transferred their favorite films, video games and anime to a familiar scene. These artifacts noticeably revived the meme when he seemed to be retiring.

Add a little politics to me? No problem – here’s Greta Tunberg and Donald Trump arguing about global warming.

Still not enough? I will show more versions – from the “mathematical” and “Egyptian” to the horror versions and references to famous paintings. And this is only a small part of what I saw in September.

“Crying Woman” by Picasso (1937) / cat from me (2019)

“You can’t just go to ancient Egypt and create memes …”

Filipina from past paintings scream at an ugly colonial medieval cat

It became a symbol of something important.

The disgruntled cat became a symbol of unfounded accusations at a time when they once again rained on video games. In August in the USA, there were two mass executions during the day – and politicians, including Donald Trump, called the cause including “violent video games”.

Against this thesis made by representatives of industry, the media and ordinary users. And the puzzled cat became a hero who understands the pain of gamers – after all, while the games are accused of cruelty, he tries to abide by the rules of driving in GTA.

Media says video games are violent / I pet dogs in Red Dead Redemption

Media says video games are violent / I’m building a house in Skyrim for my wife and children

It went into real life

In September, the meme was reborn again (I already forgot, for the umpteenth time) – and now it has penetrated into real life. Meme began to be placed in electronics stores on monitors, laptops and smartphones. Almost always, it was a system of several screens: angry girls on one display and a cat on the other.

So it became obvious that the source image is also an excellent desktop wallpaper. There were also more confused options.

And if we are talking about real life, then where is there without cosplay on a meme.

The meme is still relevant.

Most importantly, by the end of September, the meme is still alive. The meme culture that has developed in social networks is growing more and more every year, but as if losing its “eternal” heroes. A few years ago, you could safely use a popular meme for months, trends rarely replaced each other – rather, they simply coexisted nearby.

By 2019, it is good if the popular meme remains relevant for the month. A more realistic framework is a week or two. Then ten more templates will come in its place, then another ten, and so on all year. The best meme of Russia in 2018 was recognized by Ugandan knuckles.

Against this background, the picture with screaming girls and cats shows an impressive longevity – in the beginning of October, five months will come to mind. And there are only more new variations. What other meme in 2019 can boast similar? So I don’t know.

Bonus: meme hero is just a beautiful cat

Let’s be honest – without a charismatic cat, nothing would have happened. His name is Smuj, and since June, more than 730 thousand people on Instagram have been following him. The landlady sells merch with a cat, and it seems that things are going uphill: she said that Smuj “was able to buy a great cat tree for money from a meme.”


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