Wild West creators working on Fallout series for Amazon

The show has already got its first teaser.

Amazon Studios has announced that it will take on the series on the RPG series, which takes place in the United States after the atomic war. The series will be taken up by Kilter Fims, a company of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, known for their work on the World of the Wild West. The project is also being produced by Fallout Game Director Third and Fourth Todd Howard and James Altman, Head of Bethesda.

So far, the series has no release date, and when exactly the full-fledged production begins, is also unknown. Apparently, it will be released exclusively in the online movie theater Prime Video.


According to Nolan and Joy, they are big fans of the series, and played Fallout “countless hours that they could spend with family and friends.” Showrunners promised to preserve the signature black humor and atmosphere of the original games.

According to Howard, Bethesda tried to launch a film adaptation in production for about ten years. The authors of the “Wild West World” in the company were considered the most suitable candidates who could “properly” adapt the series of games.

This is the second series that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are working on for Amazon. In 2019, the company also ordered an adaptation of William Gibson’s novel Peripherals.


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